Letter to the Editor

Macon soldiers added to those headed overseas

Thursday, January 8, 2004

To the editor:

As I was reading on your Web site your coverage about recent deployment activities, I realized that there was no mention of the 30 or so men who were called up from the 110th from Macon. I was married Dec. 31. My husband was called up for active duty to serve with the men leaving from Perryville, Mo. He and the others had to leave their families and loved ones behind on Jan. 3 so they could be transported to Cape Girardeau and assigned to the companies down there. I thought that it should be brought to everyone's attention that these men were added to the 1140th Engineer Battalion so that they too could be honored as they are leaving their family and friends to serve their country.

My husband's parents and I are very proud of our young solider and wish him the best of luck and pray that God will watch over him and bring him home safely. We look forward to his safe return as quickly as possible along with all the other men and women serving our country.


Odessa, Mo.