Speak Out 10/7/07

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Driving retest

WITH ALL this talk of what should be made a law, I have another one to suggest. After a certain age, you should be required to take a "get in the car and drive" driving exam. Within two hours I have seen two elderly people drive down the wrong side of the road. You should have to prove you know what side of the street you belong on and on what side of the road is yours at a left-turn stoplight. If you want to keep a privilege most have had since they were 16 years old, you need to show that you are capable of the responsibilities that come with that privilege.

Hitting animals

AM I the only person who notices people driving around a dead animal, but these same people will not swerve to miss a turtle?

Expulsion rate

CAPE GIRARDEAU School District reports low expulsion rates. The problem is the high number of students suspended who lose credit and then drop out. There is no need to expel if you strategically and repeatedly suspend.

Bright yellow shirts

GREAT JOB, Chris Pagano, on the story about La Croix Church's community blitz. What an inspiration to do great acts of kindness all the time, not just during the 40 Days of Community. It amazed me to see all the people clad in bright yellow shirts all over the town. It put a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Thank you, La Croix Church.

Always changing

IF YOU do some research and look at all the geologic evidence -- evidence that has been accumulated over more than a century and analyzed by some of the best minds around the world -- you will see that climate change has been happening since before humanity climbed out of the ooze. And it will continue long after humanity and all our infrastructure has collapsed into dust and cockroaches have replaced us as the dominant species on this planet.

No chip-and-seal

I GUESS all those who voted in favor of the tax increase in hopes of getting their county road paved feel really stupid right now. Chip-and-seal isn't what you wanted, but that's what you are going to get. The chairman of the bridge and road advisory board said, "I am convinced chip and seal is the right way to go, and we shouldn't deviate from the plan. Let's pick it up next spring and do it right if we can't get it done properly now." No, chip-and-seal is never the right way to go. If you want it done right, use asphalt the first time around.

Miss the ice rink

I CAN understand the frustration swimmers are having, but I was happy someone recognized the loss of the indoor ice rink three years ago. Like the many talented swimmers, this area had many hockey players and figure skaters, not to mention all the families who used the rink in the winter. There are many of us around who would like something to do in the winter.

Shocking pollution

I DON'T think the people in this area really understand the ramifications of three ethanol plants in such a confined area. The Department of Natural Resources stated at the advisory committee meeting that the amounts of pollution to be expected by the two already permitted plants, and it is shocking. This is a greedy industry financed by the working man's tax dollar.

Legal nicotine

IF NICOTINE is so much more dangerous and addictive than illegal drugs such as pot or cocaine, why is it legal? Anyone who accepts this without questioning is a hypocrite.

Keep those receipts

I WOULD like to urge all consumers to keep their receipts. People make mistakes, and our wonderful high-tech computers sometimes make mistakes. Almost all business require proof of purchase before you can have something refunded or replaced. Because there are professional scammers all over the place who make a living cheating people and businesses, we simply cannot replace or refund items on your word of honor.

Mascot wrath

I WOULD hope that Jackson High School could become the residence of the new Indian statue that August Birk will be working on. While it was nice to have the statue in front of the chamber office, I think it would have more meaning in front of the school. Let the school district, not the city, catch the wrath and future lawsuits of being one of the last holdouts on changing the name of their mascot to something less offensive to those of us with native-American ancestry.

Great bands

THE JACKSON Band Festival was great! I enjoyed the participation of other bands and the audience members during a couple of songs the bands played. It was such an awesome night. Maybe next year Southeast Missouri State University's band could join in like it did some years ago.

Adult bullying

ADULT BULLIES call names, repeat themselves to force you to change to their view and will call you out if you disagree with them. They also group together. For this action to be allowed and continued is to advocate bullies. It is time for adult bullies to know their views will no longer be tolerated. Everyone has the right of speech, but that speech should not be in a bullying manner.

No wooden Indian

JACKSON SHOULD not replace the wooden Indian statue with another wooden statue. The replacement will rot away in another decade unless a lot of money is spent maintaining it. If the people of Jackson like the statue that was there, have a casting made that will last. There are different options that vary in price, but it makes more sense to have something that will last for a lifetime rather than just several years.

Ethanol subsidies

I HAVE been reading a lot about Ethanol plants and how they are going to help with our energy problems. The op-ed article in Wednesday's paper by Jack Knowlan Sr. was good. One thing we know: Ethanol plants could not exist without government subsidies.

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