Letter to the Editor

Rush Limbaugh should be held accountable

To the editor:

Recently, Rush Limbaugh's attorney stated, "Rush Limbaugh has been singled out for prosecution because of who he is." I disagree. Since his confession, Limbaugh has been afforded many passes and has not had to face the consequences of his behavior.

Limbaugh had the luxury of putting his life on hold while he was in a drug treatment facility. He did not have to worry about missing a mortgage payment, having his car repossessed or having his family go hungry while he was in treatment.

Limbaugh's family was not stigmatized, embarrassed or inconvenienced by the revelation, and I doubt that Mrs. Limbaugh will be leaping from the gravy train any time soon.

Limbaugh returned to his job as if nothing had happened. Limbaugh wasn't fired, suspended or otherwise punished. His wealth affords him the luxury of not having to play by the same rules as other addicts. If his employer insists on a drug test, Limbaugh can walk away and find an employer who will accept his word that he is clean.

Limbaugh should answer the charge that he illegally purchased and possessed a controlled substance. A common Joe would have already been charged and would be awaiting trial.

Limbaugh's safety net of wealth and social status will catch him before he hits bottom. The safety net that catches him will be the same net that ensnares and strangles him unless steps are taken to make him accountable for his behavior.


Cape Girardeau