Letter to the Editor

Old river bridge deserves a party celebrating life

To the editor:

It was a beautiful day when I left my house in Nashville on Christmas Eve, and I was excited about going to Cape Girardeau. I would soon see the wonder in my children's eyes as they opened gifts from Santa. I also was anticipating my first drive across the new bridge. As I round the bend in Illinois where Highway 3 pulls alongside the Mississippi River, I searched the skyline. The awesome towers of the bridge compounded the beautiful view of the river. It was mesmerizing.

Looking at the old bridge next to the new one, I felt sadness. The old bridge looked beaten. I couldn't stop looking at it as I drove across the new bridge. I felt sorry for it.

The old bridge was part of my adolescence. How many times had I driven to the Purple Crackle or to see a pretty girl in Illinois? Beneath the bridge is where I first kissed my wife.

My grandparents used to take me on drives when I was a child. I can remember falling asleep on the back seat of their big, old Buick. As we crossed the bridge, I would wake up and see the bridge structure through the rear glass.

When it comes time for the old bridge to come down, I hope it's with dignity and respect. If the old bridge had a personality and soul, I think it would appreciate a good party -- not a celebration of its demise, but a celebration of its life.


Nashville, Tenn.