Speak Out 10/1/07

Monday, October 1, 2007

Recovered dog

THANKS TO the Cape Gir-ardeau Police Department for helping recover a dog who got away out onto a busy street. Thanks to their work, they saved the dog's life and the family's loss.

Saving America

IF AMERICA is to be saved, stop buying foreign-made products. It's that simple. Quit buying them, and all your jobs will come back.

Center is safer

SOMETIMES IT'S necessary to use that middle lane for more than turning. Recently, I was late for an appointment, and it was much safer to get in the middle lane to get to where I needed to turn. It was safer than me getting back on those four lanes of East Jackson Boulevard. I think it's silly that they're cracking down on center-lane usage. I don't want any more tickets than I have to get in this life. The fewer tickets policemen write, the happier I am.

Waste of money

I'D LIKE to comment on chip-and-seal program for county roads. It is a waste of money. It won't hold up. We've been through that on our street. After a year it falls to pieces. Do not waste money like that.

Excessive force

I WATCHED TV this morning and was sick. A police officer electrocuted a girl over and over again. I never had this happen to me, but I'm sure if it happened just once it would be hard to move and to act normal. Whoever is in charge of this police officer and does nothing should be ashamed as well. He does not deserve to be a police officer at all. I realize there may be situations where this is necessary. Did she have a gun? Why would a police officer, someone who is supposed to protect us, repeatedly do this? I tell my kids that if they ever get lost, they should look for a police officer. This officer needs to be fired.

Vote on smoking

CAN WE have a city vote about smoking in public places and finally settle this matter once and for all?

Ticked off

I JUST came from the veterinarian's office. I was informed I can't buy heartworm pills unless my dogs have a blood test. They told me it was a federal regulation. My dogs have been taking the pill for 12 years every month. I was told by the vet the past 11 years if I missed a dosage and they got heartworms, it would kill them if they took a pill. Both had their pills the first of the month and are still alive. I can barely afford the medicine, now I'm told the dogs have to have blood tests. This is greed.

Lousy host

I WAS turned off by Columbia University president's treatment of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after having invited him there. We all know the sort of person Ahmadinejad is. But as a guest he deserved the sort of intelligent treatment we in the U.S. have been known for. Instead, he was treated in a manner which would be more expected from an illiterate critic.

Pool issues

I'M CALLING about the pump being out at Central Pool. There are three high school teams and two swim-club teams practicing there, and no one saw this problem coming up. This problem is taking almost half a season away from these kids. We had the luxury this year of having four meets here in Cape Girardeau. Jackson coming into the league was fantastic, because you had Jackson, Cape and Notre Dame. It was great. You had four home meets. You didn't have to drive to St. Louis or Springfield for a meet. Now the kids are being penalized. What is going on?

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