Ethanex receives permit for ethanol plant

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has granted a permit to Ethanex at Semo (Port) to construct a 138.6 million gallon per year ethanol plant at 261 River Road, the same address as the offices of SEMO Milling, a corn milling company that was in partnership to build the plant with Ethanex.

But in May, SEMO Milling President and CEO Bob Smallwood said the two entities were no longer working together on the project, and SEMO Milling would pursue other ways of going into the ethanol business. Smallwood said those things on May 1.

On May 9 Ethanex at Semo completed its application for a construction permit with DNR, the same permit that was approved this week.

The Southeast Missourian is attempting to reach officers of SEMO Milling and Ethanex Energy, Inc., believed to be the parent company of Ethanex at Semo listed on the DNR permit.

Ethanex Energy is organized under Nevada state laws and has offices in Kansas, New York and South Carolina, with primary offices in Kansas.

Check back later today for more details.

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