Out of the past 9/27/07

Thursday, September 27, 2007

25 years ago: Sept. 27, 1982

Vice President George Bush will visit Cape Girardeau on Thursday, the special guest at a fund-raising luncheon for U.S. Rep. Bill Emerson; the vice president's airplane, Air Force Two, cannot land at the municipal airport because of weight limitation; instead, Bush will land at Blytheville Air Force Base, Ark., and will take a helicopter from there to the Cape Girardeau airport.

The first of a series of debates between U.S. Rep. Bill Emerson and Democratic challenger Jerry Ford is held in the evening at Mineral Area Junior College in Flat River, Mo.; while Emerson defends the Reagan economic policies, Ford attacks them, calling the 1981 Recovery Act "a blueprint for bankruptcy."

50 years ago: Sept. 27, 1957

A 1957-1958 municipal budget that anticipates expenditures will exceed income and which, as the largest in Cape Girardeau's history, is $83,688.12 more than the 1956-1957 budget, was adopted yesterday by the city council; the budget provides for expenditures of $693,223.45 and income of $661,346.

Effective Oct. 21, Standard Oil Co. will establish a new district sales office in Cape Girardeau with Clare E. Beatty as manager.

75 years ago: Sept. 27, 1932

Goebel & Herbst are finishing painting the front of the Fox Broadway Theater and of the Osterloh book store; the work started yesterday; the fronts are being painted apple green; the building had previously been painted brown.

A permit is issued by the Cape Girardeau city engineer for a new brick dwelling in Rockwood Place; the dwelling, designed by local architect Jules Reither, will cost $5,000 and will measure 49 1/2 feet by 44 1/2 feet; the building will be erected by C.J. Reisenbichler on a lot west of and adjacent to that of Harry I. Himmelberger.

100 years ago: Sept. 27, 1907

Coach Wells, the new director of athletics at the Normal School, arrived here yesterday; he is an athletic-looking young man, modest and pleasant in demeanor; he will take over the coaching duties of Coach Elder.

Mrs. Benjamin G. Davis has returned with her daughter from their trip to the East; Judge Davis will return to Cape Girardeau on Monday.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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