Speak Out 9/27/07

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CHS soccer issues

I'D LIKE to know what's going on at Central High School with so much money being spent at the soccer field with the outdoor restrooms that are being planned when there are already fine facilities not 50 feet from the soccer field. There already is a fine concession stand arrangement. The softball fields have had lights for a couple of years that haven't been used because there's no electricity. They haven't been able to complete a junior varsity game for years because it gets dark when the girls are halfway through the game. I wish there could be some better appropriation of funds. The school board could look into that. I can't get an answer from the school board, and Speak Out seems to be the forum in which some of the officials seem to respond.

Jackson grading

I DON'T like the way Jackson High School will be doing the grading. As a parent, I like to be able to say to my child, "You didn't get it this quarter. Next quarter, let's give it a fresh start." Sometimes that perks my child up. They do much better the next quarter. I don't know who's harebrained idea the new grading system was, but I don't like it.

Same treatment

I READ David Limbaugh's column about moveon.org, and I agree. Moveon.org went overboard on Gen. David Petraeus. Why doesn't Limbaugh talk about Max Cleveland and what the Republican Party did to him? And what about the swift boat accusations and what the GOP did to John Kerry?

Great photograph

THE PHOTOGRAPH on the front page of Friday's Southeast Missourian of Carole Buck with Jack Buck's image in the background is an awarding-winning photograph. It appears that he's looking right over at his wife. That's a beauty.

Extra pickup

I LIVE in Jackson, and I know the city won't pick up cardboard and paper. My neighbor who works for the city had cardboard inside a cardboard box, and it was picked up. So I put some cardboard in a cardboard box. The city did not pick mine up. Why does the city employee get special treatment?

Tough competition

AFTER READING the results of the draft horse competition at the SEMO District Fair, it was gratifying to see that a local family, the Mangels family of Oak Ridge, doing so well. They win consistently under stiff competition. One member was heard to say, "The tougher it is, the better I like it." Let me congratulate the Mangels family on their expert horsemanship.

Sports attire

HOW CAN schools set up school dress codes if some schools don't have dress codes in girls' sports? I would think girls' midriffs should always be covered for sports. Shirts should be long enough, and shorts shouldn't be too tight. It doesn't seem decent how volleyball players are dressed to represent their school.

Loaded with pork

I READ where President Bush vows to veto any bill that will provide free health care to children from low-income families. Yet he's allowed his cohorts to push through bill after bill loaded with pork and wasted taxpayer dollars -- not to mention the money that's been lost and can't be accounted for. I can't recall the last time we've ever had such a compassionate president.

No Mizzou football

HOW SAD it is that living in Cape Girardeau we cannot get the Mizzou football games on radio or on any of the local channels or sports channels.

Grand old Broadway

BROADWAY IS indeed in sad shape. It's not anything for us to be proud of. If we can spend money over by the bridge and River Campus with lighting and street pavers, why can't we do something to fix up Broadway? Why can't we make her the grand old Broadway of her heyday, a grand thoroughfare? Let's not always be so quick to throw away our treasures in favor of new fashion. Preserve Cape Girardeau's history.

Government control

I HOPE everyone read Rudi Keller's column in the business edition of Monday's paper about Esicar's closing. It is truly sad that after 70 years, read between the lines, the government is shutting Esicar's down due to regulations. I think it's about time we take back our government and start getting a little control back in our hands and not the government's.

Great fair in Altenburg

I WANTED to thank the East Perry County Fair Board for a wonderful time this past weekend at the fair in Altenburg, Mo. I took my family Friday night and had such a great time that we went back Saturday. Thank you for a wonderful time.

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