Letter to the Editor

A beacon for South Cape

Thursday, September 27, 2007

To the editor:"Nobody cares for South Cape" is the oft-heard anguish. This is a point of debate, but there are signs that demonstrable change is at hand. I want to thank the Rose Bed Inn owners (Eldon Nattier and James Coley) and staff for taking a huge step toward raising awareness of the needs and the goodness of the South Cape neighborhood. An emergency-need fundraiser has helped to raise half of the money needed to replace windows at the Family Resource Center. Window panes are falling from rotten wooden sashes in the well-used, 66-year-old building, creating energy, safety and security issues. Many restaurants, businesses and individuals rallied to "Rock Around the Block" on Sept. 16 with food, silent auction donations and rock 'n' roll fun.

As the installation of these new windows begins (and is completed as the rest of funds can be raised), let it be a symbol of hope and care many have for South Cape. As lights shine from within the center, may it be a beacon to the neighborhood for quality out-of-school inspiration for kids, support and encouragement for parents and independent-living resources for senior adults.

To the South Cape neighbors: Come in and join the effort. Together we can make our neighborhood stronger. To the community at large: Join us as a volunteer or a collaborative partner agency or lead your business to consider investing in community-based not-for-profit services. Together we demonstrate our care for the entire community with words and actions.

DENISE LINCOLN, Manager, Cape Girardeau area Family Resource Center