Speak Out 9/26/07

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No merging needed

IT'S RIDICULOUS to say a person can't get across Jackson Boulevard without using the center turn lane as a merge lane. You may be required to wait a little longer. I live in Jackson and must cross Jackson Boulevard frequently, and I've never used the turn lane to merge. No one needs to.

Back in business

IN AUGUST, you reported a drug bust on Rampart Street. The owner of the house is back after getting a slap on the wrist, and nothing has changed. I live a few doors down and hear and see all kinds of drug activity going on, day and night. What can be done to put a stop to this? It was always a nice neighborhood until this dopehead got into the picture. He has caused so many problems that people are thinking about moving. Is there anything else that the police can do?

On-time appointments

THIS COMMENT is directed to the doctors of Cape Girardeau who wonder why patients go to St. Louis for treatment. Recently, my son had an appointment with a local doctor. He waited two hours in the waiting room. There were four others in the room who had the same appointment time. While they waited, drug reps brought food through the waiting room for the employees. When we finally got in to see the doctor for a first-time visit, he spent all of five minutes with him. My husband had a doctor's appointment the same week in St. Louis with a specialist. His appointment was at 9:20. He was in and out by 10. He's been going to this doctor for two or three years and has never had to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Questionable report

WHEN EVALUATING Gen. David Petraeus' report, everyone should keep in mind that he was a supporter of the invasion of Iraq and thought the war was going well, even before the troop surge. That's why Bush picked him for the job. It should also be kept in mind that just prior to the general's report, President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq to make sure that everything in the general's report would be supportive of the party line. So how seriously can that report be regarded?

Diversionary tactic

TO EXPECT students to know arcane and superfluous trivia about the U.S. Constitution is a Southeast Missourian editorial board diversionary tactic. What they really need to know is the the U.S. Constitution is whatever the U.S. Supreme Court justices say it is and that the Constitution scarily reflects the mind-set of most Southeast Missourian readers. If we can educate enough young people as to the atrocities committed by a court that ratified the stolen presidential election of 2000, then we might be able to restore the Constitution to its rightful place of honor, as the Founding Fathers intended.

Drug lure

LIBERTARIANS, HAVE you no shame? Quit trying to lure teens and preteens who attended the SEMO District Fair with promises of legalizing currently illegal drugs.

Smoking equality

I UNDERSTAND smoking not being allowed at community events inside public buildings and in private establishments. But until smoking is a crime, local governments should not be allowed to ban smoking in general. Smoking is not illegal, and rights should be equal in all areas. How am I to know when traveling what towns I can light up in and what towns consider it illegal? A law should be a law. Tobacco is lawful as long as you are the legal age. Smoking it should be, too. If a town will not allow smoking, then it shouldn't allow the sale of cigarettes in the town or be able to profit from the taxes raised by the sale of tobacco products.

Felons with guns

I WANT to thank Morley Swingle and the Southeast Missourian for informing me that as a nonviolent felon I have the right to possess a gun. In the 14 years since my conviction, I did my time, completed probation, got a college degree and can't get a job that will support me because I can't pass a background check. But I can carry a gun. That makes sense.

Before the fact

I NOTICE the big push for bridge safety now after the bridge failure in Minnesota. Why is it we act after the fact instead of before the fact? The infrastructure of our country has been in dire need of repair for the past 20 years. We ignore it until something tragic happens. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.

Not socialism

ANY COMMENTS characterizing Hillary Clinton's health care plan as socialized medicine are red herrings designed to scare area readers of the Southeast Missourian. In fact, her plan is based on GOP aspirant Mitt Romney's who implemented it in Massachusetts but is desperately trying to distance himself from it and failing.

Altenburg fair

LAST NIGHT I went to the East Perry County Fair, which I and thousands have known as the Altenburg Fair. I love it. I got to see people I have not seen in a while. My husband and I went for hours and had a blast. I hope it continues for many years to come. Thanks, Altenburg.

Drinking laws

I WAS recently at a restaurant seated next to a table with a man and three children. The restaurant served the man three alcoholic beverages while I was there, and he was still there when I left. Who was the designated driver? Let's come up with some laws that make sense, such as refusing to serve adults when obviously someone has to drive home. Too many laws are trying to enforce common sense, and too few are there to protect the general public.

Computerized grades

I AM stunned that a school system with the reputation of Jackson's hasn't implemented a computer program designed to allow parents to check student progress on a daily basis. Jackson's much ballyhooed six-week grade report system borders on the medieval.

School calendar

THIS ISN'T a sob story from a teacher but a friendly reminder that the school year is set well in advance. If we eliminate the half days, which we cannot, the school year would end a couple of days sooner.

Out-of-touch wall

THE FACT that late Cape Gir-ardeau native Lou Hobbs is in the prestigious Rockabilly Hall of Fame but not on the much lesser significant Cape Girardeau Wall of Fame is an ongoing example of the selection committee's out-of-touch elitism.

Competing with St. Louis

I CAN say from experience that I prefer to spend the money for gas, fight the traffic and only get one bill for a hospital procedure in St. Louis rather than have it done locally and get five or six bills before it is all done. I don't understand how St. Louis hospitals can bill once for a procedure, but Cape Girardeau hospitals send out multiple bills. If hospitals here could be more competitive with St. Louis, maybe I would have tests and surgeries here.

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