Speak Out 01/04/04

Sunday, January 4, 2004

Accident statistics

I UNDERSTAND the frustration the people on Dunklin Street are going through. One resident says there are many accidents there, but the police say there have only been eight accidents in the last two years. That's the same thing they told us in our neighborhood when we asked for a reduction in the speed limit. We kept track of the number of accidents. We had more accidents on our list than the city did. We found out the police only file a report if there's damage resulting in monetary loss. On two occasions we had to call the chief of police and request that someone file a report. I suggest that the Dunklin Street residents keep their own statistics and go to the city council themselves and prove what's going on.

Another big story

WHILE READING the 10 most important news stories for 2003, I didn't know the school budget task force was a more important event than the $50 million federal courthouse.

They've earned it

STATE EMPLOYEES haven't received raises in the past three years. When a state employee leaves a job, the state is unable to hire new employees because the state has a hiring freeze. The remaining employees have to increase their workload and pick up the slack -- without pay increases. State employees have earned those extra paid holidays you are complaining about. Don't forget: State employees also pay their own salaries through taxes.

They don't need it

WHY DO state employees need any more holidays? They already have a great benefit plan and light workload. What I would do to get a state job scares me. Everyone needs to check out the salaries of state workers in the Missouri Blue Book. It may just blow you away.

One point of view

I AGREE with the person who said Cape Girardeau is a diverse place. I'm really tired of being told what to do by Bible thumpers. Don't they know that not everyone agrees with their beliefs and their point of view? They are so pushy. They think the whole world has to see things the way they do. It's unbelievable.

The least he could do

I AM really getting tired of everyone talking about what a bad decision it was for Gov. Bob Holden to give state employees the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas off. As a state employee, I feel this is the least that the governor could have done for state employees who have now gone three years without so much as a cost-of-living pay increase. The cost is nothing compared to the $300 million state deficit. Cable TV rates have doubled in the last three years. Phone bills and utility bills have increased to a ridiculous level. The cost of essentials like milk and eggs keeps going up. And Missouri's employees are still getting paid what they did before the current governor took office. Before you go knocking the one generous gesture this governor has shown his employees, consider what we've given up to make sure to the best of our abilities that Missouri citizens are taken care of.

The cookie test

WITH ALL these politically correct cookie sales going on around the country at universities, perhaps SEMO's young conservatives club should put one on. We would then see whether SEMO is for true free speech or for censoring anti-affirmative action speech while allowing minority students to say whatever they want.

Commissioners' agenda

TO THE person who said Cape Girardeau County is in better shape financially than most any government unit in the state, where do you get your information? This comment had to have come from one of the commissioners himself. We've had nothing but nonsense coming out of this group of commissioners. They have their own agenda. Everyone in this county needs to be involved and become more aware of what is going on before it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

We are all sinners

THANK YOU, Gary Rust, for printing a quote critical of those who believe mankind is good by nature. This is where current conservatives have gone wrong, always praising the goodwill of the American people, their wisdom and their good nature. Baloney. We are all sinners in the eyes of an increasingly angry God.

Money for teachers

I BELIEVE the Cape Girardeau School District is doing a great job preparing students for college, no matter how much the budget is cut. This way, when most Central graduates attend SEMO, they won't be surprised if their major is cut. It is my opinion that everyone involved in this issue needs to grow up and realize that you can't pay teachers with money you don't have.

Sporting lessons

THE WHOLE purpose of school is to provide fair access to education, not sports. For students to have a better education, it is sometimes necessary to take money away from extracurricular activities. If we let only those play who can afford to pay, we'll be teaching a lesson to all students: Life isn't fair, and those with money usually get their way.

Out of touch

THAT THE Cape Girardeau School Board or administration would give even remote consideration to closing Franklin Elementary School illustrates how out of touch they are with their own community's history and a tradition of excellence unmatched by other elementary schools throughout the district, state and nation. These guys are a collective piece of work.

Task forces' ideas

I CAN'T understand why a task force was called to make recommendations for budget cuts in the Cape Girardeau School District when superintendent Mark Bowles didn't go along with the recommendations. A lot of folks from the community gave up their time to serve on the task force. I hope the school board studies the recommendations from the task force.

Medical disparity

THERE YOU editorialists go again: Keep Missouri seniors in the dark on the state's Senior Rx program because the state's coffers are bare, but educate seniors on the expansion of the federal government's Medicare program even in light of an unprecedented deficit. Go figure.

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