Out of the past 9/24/07

Monday, September 24, 2007

25 years ago: Sept. 24, 1982

The roof of the new Cotton Belt Railroad depot at Scott City sustained more than $5,000 in damage yesterday, when it was struck by a tractor trailer rig which had been stolen from in front of a Scott City tavern by a Commerce, Mo., man; he was hospitalized after being shot by a police officer following a chase that resulted in one police car being wrecked.

The first recipient of the new Southeast Missouri State University Faculty Merit Award will be Dr. John Bierk, a university professor for 25 years; the award, which carries with it a $1,500 stipend, will be presented at a dinner in his honor Oct. 21.

50 years ago: Sept. 24, 1957

Two men, one of them armed, hold up Mrs. Dan Nenninger, 21, clerk in the Superior Loan Co. office at 31 N. Main St., bind and gag her, and make their escape with $199.64 in cash.

The Jackson Chamber of Commerce honored John M. Hagans, recently retired superintendent of the International Shoe plant at Jackson, at a dinner at the Terrace; Mr. and Mrs. Hagan are contemplating making their future home in Jackson.

75 years ago: Sept. 24, 1932

Two bandits, hiding in the tonneau of his automobile, kidnapped Alvin M. Kempe on North Ellis Street late last night and, at gunpoint, forced him to drive them to St. Louis County, where he is released early today; he is relieved of $6, but is allowed to retain his vehicle.

Following contract lettings this week on federal government construction projects, increased activity on the Mississippi River in the vicinity of Cape Girardeau and particularly between this city and Cairo, Ill., will be noticeable; one of the projects is bank protection at the mouth of the Little River Diversion Channel, south of Cape Girardeau.

100 years ago: Sept. 24, 1907

Day by day, the importance of more houses in Cape Girardeau becomes apparent; newcomers are constantly arriving, and they must have homes, as a majority of these are men with families; it is hoped that some of our capitalists will relieve this shortage.

The ferry boat is stuck on a sandbar across from Cape Girardeau, near the Illinois shore; it is maneuvered about in the morning, but doesn't get loose.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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