Warm and fuzzy

Monday, September 24, 2007

Verdetta Seabaugh won't let age be an excuse for not helping people. Seabaugh celebrated her 100th birthday in January, but perhaps a more-impressive number is 67. That's how many sweaters she's knitted for a Knit-for-Kids program sponsored by Guideposts magazine.

Seabaugh and friend Sue Brewer started the project in January 2006. Since then, they've recruited two more women, Sheila Teeters and Shirley Cooper, making a quartet of Marble Hill knitters who have produced 105 sweaters so far. Verdetta, the eldest, has been the most productive.

"I sit here and crochet all the time," Seabaugh told the Banner-Press. "I crochet in front of the television and just anytime. But it's nice to have a reason to visit."

The Guidepost Sweater Project stated in 1996 and more than 400,000 sweaters have been distributed worldwide.

The women in Marble Hill seem to have a good time knitting together. But, more importantly, they've helped scores of children stay warm in the winter. Talk about a warm and fuzzy story. Thanks for making a difference.

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