Science experiment: Make a mini hovercraft

Friday, September 21, 2007


Cardboard disk Spool

Balloon Glue



STEP 1: Using a pencil, punch a hole in the middle of your cardboard disk.

STEP 2: Line up the hole in the middle of your cardboard disk with the hole in your spool. Glue the spool to the cardboard disc.

STEP 3: Stretch a balloon over the top of the spool.

STEP 4: Blow up your balloon and twist the end of the balloon closest to the spool to keep the air in the balloon.

STEP 5: While pinching the balloon closed, place the disc on a smooth surface and let go.


Your hovercraft glides across the table because it's floating on a cushion of air. The air lifts the cardboard disc up creating less friction.

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