The Constitution

It's a good thing schools observe Constitution Day. Here's why: Sample questions about the U.S. Constitution that were published with an article in the Southeast Missourian earlier this week shows that even those who thought they were familiar with the document and its amendments aren't particularly well-informed.

For example, students at Franklin Elementary School were asked trivia questions such as "How many signatures are on the Constitution?" and "When and where was the Constitution formed?" Are the answers on the tip of your tongue?

Or how about those sample questions for upper grades regarding the powers given to Congress and to the states? Even with multiple-choice answers the right response wasn't always obvious.

In 2004, Congress passed a law requiring public schools to observe Constitution Day on Sept. 17. Quick: Can anyone explain why that date is significant?

Schools can choose how they observe Constitution Day, which is good, as the variety of ways demonstrated by school in our area showed. One school combined the observance with special recognition for veterans and public servants.

All of us could use a refresher course on the Constitution, the document that has held this nation together for 220 years. You can start by looking up the answers to the questions above.