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Thursday, September 20, 2007

1. Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald ? "My Love is here to Stay"

These two artists have had a tremendous influence on the history of jazz and when combined they have an incredible effect.

2. Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli ? "Canzon Septimi Toni #2" by the combined Brass Sections of Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago Symphonies

This recording exemplifies the best in brass music and uses the music of the Renaissance Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli, who wrote his music to be performed in St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice as antiphonal choirs of instruments.

3. Tower of Power ? "Pocketful of Soul"

TOP is a funk band from the Sacramento area and has gone through several transformations of personnel in its existence. This tune from their latest album epitomizes a return to the funkiness of the original group.

4. SuperSax ? "Ko-Ko"

This group features lead alto player Med Flory (who also played one of the detectives in the "Dirty Harry" movies) and his group playing harmonized versions of transcribed solos of Charlie "Bird" Parker. Incredible!

5. Frank Sinatra Swings ? "When You're Smilin' "

Sinatra at his best with a swinging big band featuring some of the hottest players in the business.

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