Speak Out 9/19/07

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great car show

CONGRATULATIONS TO the River City Rodders and to Old Town Cape for a successful car show. The number, variety and quality of the vehicles at the show reminded me of national shows I've attended where more than 12,000 cars were registered. The event was well-organized and family friendly, and the downtown shops and dining assured something for everyone. The cloud cover was a real bonus too but not to be attributed to the organizers.

Winning band

CENTRAL HIGH School Tiger Marching Band: You were outstanding taking first place, outstanding percussion, musical performance and visual performance at the Murphysboro contest. All the sweat and hard work paid off. Keep it up. It looks to be a great season.

No dogs at fair

IT'S COMMON sense to not take your dog to the fair. There are many small children scared of dogs and dogs that attack and bite with no warning, not to mention animals using the fairgrounds as a bathroom. There is no reason for a pet to be at the fair.

Climate change

TIME AND again over recent weeks the Southeast Missourian has reported on the regional drought, a disaster for farmers. But not one word is mentioned about the probable cause. This drought is exactly what climate theory predicts. So much valuable education could be undertaken with this story, but it doesn't happen. When U.S. Sen. Kit Bond claims it is too economically expensive to address climate change, he is saying the farmers of Southeast Missouri are economically unimportant. We need to work together on this nonpartisan issue. Neither denial and ignoring it nor evasion of responsibility help us solve the problem.

Ban cigarettes

SMOKERS ARE a trashy group. They throw cigarette butts and empty packs in my yard every day. I would like to see cigarettes banned. Smokers are so irresponsible.

Simple fraud

I AM ashamed of Jackson and its utility system. I had to pay $30 above the amount of my utility bill because I could not pay it by the 10th of the month. I got paid on the 11th. What kind of scam is the city running?

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