Letter to the Editor

Accessibility not so great after all

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To the editor:Before I was handicapped, I thought all these places marked for handicap accessibility were great. Having been confined to a wheelchair for three months has proved my thinking wrong. Yes, you can get into restroom easily, but try getting out with no help. The doors have to be pulled toward you, and you cannot reach the handle. I have had to wait for someone to come in to help me.

Most of the doors to doctors' offices are so small that I have cracked many a knuckle on them. And after you get in the waiting room there's no room for your wheelchair.

There is no handicapped parking available. Just as you've made it to a handicapped-parking spot, out comes a young person as healthy as can be who gets in the car parked in the handicapped-parking spot. They need to thank God they can take those few steps, because they took a parking spot from someone who can't walk.