Letter to the Editor

'Stuck-on-stupid' bumper stickers

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To the editor:A recent Speak Out comment regarding that logic-impaired "Had enough? Vote Democrat." bumper sticker stuck with me, pun intended. The sticker epitomizes the phrase "stuck-on-stupid." to quote the feisty Lt. Gen. Russel Honore of Hurricane Katrina fame. This gem slogs the bog between ignorance and stupidity, because it's usually sported by alleged adults rather than children indoctrinated in government schools. Let's examine this intellectual quagmire further.

A basic inventory of history reveals that socialism, in any vile form attempted, results in massive suffering and death. So it's a pretty stupid ideology to ever embrace. Therefore, socialists and the more impatient communists are naturally forced to become pathological liars because, otherwise, who in their right minds would buy into their imbecilic and oppressive agenda? What arrogant fallacy to think you can push God aside and force a man-made utopia on earth. The left also distorts its statements and even interrogatives. Hence, the incomplete question, "Had enough?" Well, of what?

Prior to the November 2006 elections, I gamely completed the leftists' sticky question for them by asking, "Had enough -- of God-given and constitutional rights?" Then by all means, vote Democrat-socialist. Since the 2006 elections, the question should be, "Had enough -- of evil socialism? Then eradicate the extremist Dazis and take your old Democrat Party back."

To reconsider, "stuck-on-stupid" bumper stickers facilitate identification and avoidance of folks with questionable morals or thinking ability, especially if they operate a local business. I'd have to consider taking my business elsewhere. May I recommend a scraper?