Speak Out 01/02/04

Friday, January 2, 2004

Changing history

SOME OF the Founding Fathers were openly anti-Christian, with Thomas Jefferson being the best example. Read what he wrote in depth. I think it's amazing that all of these fundamentalist types want to rewrite history to fit their fanatical belief system.

Doing the right thing

STATE REP. Rod Jetton and state Rep. Jason Crowell are taking a lot of heat from people who do not even live in this area. I and many others are overjoyed that our state legislators are standing up to the homosexual movement in this country. I do not want my company offering same-sex couples the same benefits as traditional married couples. Call me what you will, but I am with Jetton and Crowell in standing up for what is right and refusing to be intimidated by those who would advance the homosexual push in this country. Jetton and Crowell will be re-elected as long as they choose to serve because they are voting the conscience of the vast majority of Southeast Missourians.

Reckless proposal

JASON CROWELL is a state representative. He is also a lawyer. Crowell surely knows that a Missouri constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage with a provision refusing to respect the rights of gay couples legally married in other states who reside in Missouri is a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution's full faith and credit clause. This kind of reckless proposal should be subject to very close scrutiny by the disciplinary committee of the Missouri Bar Association.

Rats in neighborhood

MY HOUSE backs up to a ditch on Briarcliff. Someone is throwing the leftover remains of deer in the ditch. Now we have rats walking around in broad daylight. I paid a lot of money to live in a nice neighborhood. I called the Mayor's office and was told to call the police. The police said they would check it out. What's wrong with this city that rats can be in a nice neighborhood?

Getting grants

WHY IS it that we read about Jackson Fire Department, Scott City Fire Department and Sikeston Department of Public Safety getting all of these grants from the federal government and little about the Cape Girardeau Fire Department getting grants? Are they applying to the federal government for the money or just asking the public for it?

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