Letter to the Editor

Turn solution: More stoplights

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To the editor:Regarding comments about no merging from the turning lane of East Jackson Boulevard: We have to admit that East Jackson is a dangerous fiasco, but we can't blame the police. They are doing their job and preventing accidents. The Missouri Department of Transportation and Jackson designed the highway for convenience and access to businesses and institutions, which it serves well. The problem is they did not take into consideration that East Jackson is also the main artery for trucks and cars to Interstate 55 and Cape Girardeau. Those folks are always in a hurry, making merging or turning dangerous.

Let's look at the question of turning versus merging. The Southeast Missourian article was referring to motorists who drive in the turn lane before merging, because it is impossible to make a left turn onto East Jackson without crossing or momentarily entering the so-called turn lane. I admit it is dangerous, but the "no moving in center lane" should apply to both merging and turning. Anyone entering the turn lane should stop as soon as possible.

I know it will be unpopular, but eventually the situation will get much worse. The only temporary solution I see would be more stoplights timed so motorists could cross safely and at a lower speed. I do not think right turns-only with U-turns at stoplights would work.

Long range, we need streets running parallel and diagonally across East Jackson Boulevard.