Speak Out 12/30/03

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

A great present

I JUST wanted to say thank you for the new bridge. It's a wonderful Christmas present.

Racist remarks

THIS IS to the person who called in the comment "Ritual lynching" and said white people who are complaining about Mizzou's president are bitter and calling it discrimination. No, it's not. I want the same rights for white people that this black woman expects. That's called equality. She made racist comments, plain and simple. It doesn't matter who said them except to the media and blacks. If a white person had said this, there would be a major fuss. I see nothing wrong with Ricky Clemons dating a white person. I'm appalled that she would protest against it.

No holiday at all

I'M CALLING about all the controversy about putting Nativity scenes on courthouse lawns and all of that. I think that if the state and federal governments want to make such a big deal about this, they should go require state and federal employees to work right through the Christmas holidays. And the schools should stay open.

Garbage trucks

I DON'T understand why someone, when defending a point of view, finds it necessary to put down another group of people. This time it's the person who commented about the firefighters and put down the garbage trucks. Garbage is picked up weekly, so we really need those trucks going.

Doing a great job

RECENTLY SOMEBODY complained about the county commissioners not working full time at their jobs. As far as I'm concerned, these county commissioners do a great job. Maybe that's why Cape Girardeau County is in better shape financially than most any government unit in the state.

Potholes in I-55

I'M CALLING about the potholes between Scott City and Cape Girardeau on Interstate 55. Could the Missouri Department of Transportation please put a little cold-patch asphalt in these holes until they can fix them permanently so that we don't mess up our vehicles? They're getting deeper by the day.

Christmas story

I JUST finished reading the Dec. 24 paper. I thought it was nice that the Christmas story from the Bible was in there.

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