Speak Out 12/26/03

Friday, December 26, 2003

No more blank check

I NEARLY fell out of my chair when I read that the annual budget for the Convention and Visitors Bureau is $440,000. Surely this was a misprint. Shame on all of your for bad-mouthing Jim Drury. I am glad he held the city to task and this information came out. Now the CVB will have to be held accountable for this unbelievable amount of money instead of having a blank check to do what ever it wants.

Rooting for Murphy

I'M DISAPPOINTED in the Golden Globes because a fine black actor, Eddie Murphy, has been overlooked. I have just enjoyed Murphy this year, especially in "Daddy Day Care." It bothers me that not one black actor is nominated. I think Murphy has made movies his children could be proud of.

Don't ask now

I REALLY have no way of knowing just how critical the need for more money for the police and fire departments is. But whatever the reality is, it didn't just become apparent this year. The city council must have thought various other marginal expenditures were more important than the needs of the police and fire departments. Maybe they were right. If so, don't come crying for more tax money now. Think before you spend, not after.

Future leadership

TODD DIEBOLD, a senior at Jackson High School, deserves an A-plus on his article entitled "Religious freedom provides moral foundation." He is one of many fine young people in our community who represents not only rational but a religious conscience. As a United Methodist pastor, I thank God for young men and women like Todd who are willing to speak the truth for a nation in its future. Let's commend all young people to leadership to better serve God and our country.

Racist remarks

ACCORDING TO the dictionary and the law, the remarks made by the University of Missouri president's wife to Ricky Clemons were racist. Telling someone not to date a woman because of her race is a racist, discriminatory comment regardless of which side of the coin it's on. The board of curators spent less than five minutes discussing the situation.

More important

I CAN'T believe someone thinks having the streets cleared of snow two to three times a year is more important than having reliable emergency equipment available when lives are at stake.

Littering with fire

I'M SITTING at Mount Auburn Road and Kingshighway watching people throw out cigarette butts while they are still burning. It's a hazard, and it's just plain littering.

Partisan greetings

FOR THOSE of us who need a reminder of the never-ending Republican hypocrisy, we need merely read David Limbaugh's Sunday column. On the one hand, Republicans on the Sunday morning talk shows complain about Bush bashing. On the other hand, we read Limbaugh's column dripping with vitriol for Bill Clinton and why we need to spread Christmas good will by buying a book that does nothing but trash Clinton. Merry Christmas from the right wing.

Tribute to carriers

I WOULD like to praise the folks who deliver the newspaper. I think the people who deliver the newspaper provide a service to customers on a daily basis all year long, and my delivery people do an excellent job getting the paper to me no matter how wet or rainy or snowy. I would like to challenge all the other newspaper subscribers to acknowledge their paper carriers.

Sports fairness

THE PROBLEM with charging students to play sports is not all kids can afford it. It's about fairness to all kids.

Cut some electives

I KNOW the Jackson School District is short of money. One way it could save some money is get rid of some of the elective classes. Turn some of them into extracurricular activities. One example would the mass media, which produced the school newspaper and yearbook. This would help eliminate overcrowding.

Complex issue

I REALLY don't know what we should do about the issue of homosexual marriage. I'm convinced homosexuality has biological roots and that there's little choice in the matter in the ordinarily understood meaning of the word. On the other hand, gay marriage is at odds with the evolutionary principle of species preservation.

Funding for schools

JASON CROWELL is grandstanding with gay-marriage politics. Area schools have lost millions of dollars in state funding while he has represented us. If Crowell wants positive public relations, let him get our community the funding it needs to give our children a good education.

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