Authorities check mysterious bones

Friday, December 19, 2003

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. -- Authorities are trying to unravel the mystery surrounding a set of human bones found on the floor of an abandoned home. An older man who began tearing down the home more than a year ago discovered the bones loose and mixed in with straw. On Wednesday, the man brought 23 bones to the sheriff's department. Officers returned to the foundation and recovered another 41 items, most of which appeared to be human bones.

A more thorough examination of the bones could take several days or weeks, the sheriff's department said.

Reed, who learned of the bones' discovery Wednesday, said it has been at least 10 years since the house was occupied. He has owned the home for the last five years.

"It's really peaked our curiosity that's for sure," Reed said. "It kind of makes you wonder what happened to this person."

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