Bankruptcies for December 2003

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Bankruptcies filed through Dec. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


McConnell, David S. and Karen E.11804
Patterson, Margaret A.11849
Schrader, Tori L.11843
Whitmer, Tracy A.11801
Yount, Lonnie G. and Cynthia L.11782
Cable, Elizabeth M.Butler11797


Fischer, Mark and Karen F.11798
Holifield, Duane A.11865
Pope, Isom D.11780
Vance, Deedee L.11837
Warren, Charles B. and Pamela R.11866


Armes, Michael R. and Evalyn J.11783
Bell, Misty L.11817
Bell, Zetta M.11819
Brentlinger, David W.11872
Erwin, Gregory and Christina M.11794
Gardner, Dana M. and Sharon D.11820
Hess, Jessica N.11842
Ives, Marla A.11818
Jackson, Rebecca G.11825
Lankford, Vicky L.11823
Lunsford, Carol E.11787
Masterson, Jasper W.11834
McLain, Courtney M. and Shawn P.11847
Overton, Dorothy L.11811
Ramey, David I.11858
Reese, Barbara R,11788
Rogers, Marcus K. and Mary F.11816
Rose, Michael D.11853
Roth, Janice L.11803
Sharp, Sharon K.11775
Sumner, Robert F. and Donna M.11864
Turpin, Charles F. and Verna M.11874
Warner, Ruth A.11810


Cooper, Brent E. and Susan K. 11796
Daniels, Allen W. and Colleen E. 11824
Hanes, Hope E.11821
Van Limburgh, Berniece K.11802


Foster, Dorothy11812
Hill, LeDon11833
Kinser, JoAnn11846
Randolph, Dencel K. and Jeanette C.11852
Sandberg, Phyllis11815
Vires, James A. and Pansy11813


Allen, Thomas E. and Roxann S.11862
Cass, Joseph C. and Rose, Cynthia K.11839
Ferguson, Brenda L. and Franklin D.11828
Hedge, Delmer L. and Anna K.11827
Lufcy, Freeman E. and Jeanette M.11826
Martin, Christina L.11806
Ochs, Jesse Scott11873
Robertson, James M. and Linda L.11807


Berbling, Nelson and Beverly A.L.11795
Lawless, Esther L.11855
Malone, Tammy L.11835
Masterson, Thomas E.11859
Pattillo, Sanford L. and Deannie E.11781
Sloan, Jimmy A. and Angelia R.11845
Stevenson, Charles E. and Shirley M.11829
Tuttle, Randall M.11778
Tuttleton, Steve L. and Pamela M.11800


Abernathy, Jamie L. and Heather R.11860
Boland, Jennifer E.11792
Buchanan, Melva J.11856
Clark, Davis B.11870
Coy, Debra M.11793
Hann, Jacques A.11830
Hogeland, L.C.11799
Horn, John J. and Amy M.11840
Keena, Michael R. and Marianne A.11789
Lee, Judy A.11871
Lemons, Laura A.11822
Matney, Earl R.11790
McBroom, Jason L.11791
Metcalf, James P. and Betty J.11857
Mitchell, Kyle E.11841
Phelps, Wilma D.11850
Pittman, Richard W. and Susan R.11809
Walker, Connie J.11851
White, Gary L.11844


Morrison, Alan W. and Stacy M.11848
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