Local reaction at the dedication ceremony

Sunday, December 14, 2003

"It will help the tourism industry. It will make people feel safer crossing the bridge." -- Vicki Schreiber, Cape Girardeau

"It will make it a lot easier to cross the Mississippi. A lot of people think it's scary to cross the skinny bridge." -- Carla Anderson, Cobden, Ill.

"Safety. Now a lot of people shouldn't be so scared to cross the bridge." -- Brianna Egbuka, Cape Girardeau

"My grandma goes to Chester to visit my great-grandma. This will make the trip a lot easier for her and other people, as well." -- Katie Fowler, Cape Girardeau

"It's going to help businesses downtown. I think it will boost the economy. I'm sure people in Illinois are going to love it." -- Bob Stull, Benton

"Whenever we come back from cross-country meets by bus, someone would announce our approach to the bridge. Riding across the bridge meant huge bumps. I didn't always feel too safe." -- Chelsea Brown, Jackson

"It's great and a lot safer. Beautiful, too. It will bring more people back and forth. I hope it will build up East Cape, Ill." -- Dixie Troyer, Patton, Mo.

"It will mean more people coming over. You won't have to hit bumps, and ultimately it will be a lot safer." -- Helen Perry, Cape Girardeau

"As a traveler, it's going to make it so much easier. It will mean added commerce and make it easier from I-57 to I-55." -- Tamara Horvath, Cape Girardeau

"There will be more interstate commerce between Missouri and Illinois and other states. The new bridge will make it safer for families and facilitate safer traffic." -- Ramona Harty, Cape Girardeau

"It will bring our community together, especially during the holiday season." -- Anthony Tucker, Cobden, Ill.

"More people will be inclined to come to Missouri because of it." -- Jessie Pitts, Cobden, Ill.

"I think it's a big improvement. More people will come to our area because a lot of people will come across it. I believe it will help both sides." -- Joann Hahn, Jackson

"I think it will be a good route for tourism. Before they crossed the Mississippi at other bridges." -- Johnny Hahn, Jackson

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