Letter to the Editor

Holden hurting public education with budget cuts

To the editor:

I would just like to know why Gov. Bob Holden feels he must cut education spending at every possible opportunity. At this point I wonder if it gets much worse. School districts are losing outstanding teachers, programs and the ability to give students a quality education. I'm sick and tired of reading in the paper everyday that Holden threatens to cut the education budget. Who does he think this is helping? I can't think of anyone.

Maybe he should write a letter to all the disadvantaged school districts that have 35 to 40 students per teacher in a classroom, math teachers teaching science and teachers who give their heart and soul to teaching these children while being paid less than some gas station managers. He should tell these district exactly why he feels funding cuts will help our state.

I hope when he is voted out of office in the next election that they throw him out on his head. Maybe it would knock some sense into him and he'll realize what an awful thing he has done to the future of this state.


Cape Girardeau