Speak Out 12/11/03

Thursday, December 11, 2003

The law of love

THE TEN Commandments are in the Jewish Bible. They are for the Jewish people, the people whom God "brought out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery." Christians do not follow the Ten Commandments. We follow the law of love, a much more joyful but more difficult task.

Wild-eyed radicals

GOV. BOB Holden can't win with you guys. In the name of fiscal conservatism he releases a little money for public schools and you blast him for being prudent. At the same time, you urge him to release a lot more money and base your recommendation on rosy scenario economic forecasts. Geez. The Southeast Missourian editorial staff has turned into wild-eyed radicals, urging increased spending based on economic projections. The accuracy of economic forecasts is less than that of your editorials.

Proud to be liberal

THE AMERICAN Heritage Dictionary defines the word "conservative" as "tending to favor the preservation of the existing order and to regard proposals for change with distrust." It defines the word "liberal" as "having, expressing, or following social or political views or policies that favor non-revolutionary progress and reform." Gosh, what a choice: progress and reform versus stagnation and the status quo. How proud I am to be a liberal Democrat living in Cape Girardeau.

Here's the difference

SHAME ON the writer who is worried about his children and grandchildren being "stuck with the bill" from government benefits being paid to the elderly. This line of thinking demonstrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans. We Democrats believe in taking care of each other, while Republicans believe in "every man for himself."

No clowns, please

I HAVE said it once and I'll say it again. If Southeast Missouri State University brings a mascot "clown" into university athletic events, you can have my season tickets. I love SEMO athletics but not so much to have a clown in a suit running around games. I go to watch the game, the competition. If you want to see people dressed in cartoon suits, go to Disneyland. I say let the Cherokee tribe come out and perform a blessing on the field or game floor prior to competition like Florida State has done. That would be something with some class that represents the area and can be an educational experience for all of us. By the way I am half Cherokee. I attended Southeast, and there is nothing offensive about the nicknames except the lack of use and desire to get rid of them.

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