Generous donations

We have seen it time and time again: This is an overwhelmingly generous community. The biggest recent example was when Shoeboxes for Soldiers asked the community -- at the last minute -- to chip in $1,500 to help ship Christmas gifts to soldiers overseas. By 5 p.m. the next day, the group had received $9,000.

There also is Josh Ghiz, the special-needs child in Jackson. There recently was a fund-raising effort that netted nearly $10,000 to get Josh a special dog that would keep him occupied and watch over him.

It will be a special dog for a special boy. Because of a genetic disorder, every cell in Josh's body is flawed, leaving him blind, deaf and unable to walk. His family couldn't afford the golden retriever that would make Josh's life more livable.

There is now enough money that Josh can have a special companion that will be by his side every hour of every day.

On Thanksgiving, the Ghiz family didn't have a big Thanksgiving meal. Instead, the family headed down to the Salvation Army and served meals to the needy.

The Ghiz family recently moved here from Utah. Based on their actions, they are fitting in perfectly with the rest of this outstanding community.