Speak Out 9/13/07

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Making a difference

AS A social worker who works closely with low-income youths and families, along with being a mother of two teens, I continue to hear the criticism from many of how our world is turning out: how bad the youths are, how low-income individuals should get a job. What right do you have to complain? What have you done to make a difference, to give back, to bring forth change? "You have no right to complain if you're not willing to help with making a change" is my favorite quote. If you have done nothing to help with the issues you're complaining about, you have no right to complain. Get off your high horse. Roll up your sleeves and begin asking, "How can I help to make a difference?"

Hard-working farmers

THE COMMENT regarding the poor farmer and the new equipment was obviously a sarcastic one. I am of the opinion that if a farmer's grain and livestock were sold to a market where the government wasn't making sure food was kept cheap, the farmer would probably be better off. We can never know the true price grain and cattle would bring so long as the government tries to keep food cheap for everyone. I don't want to take the chance and let what is produced bring the price that it would in a real open market. Many would starve. The farmers might end up with even bigger combines and equipment, and the person who made the comment about farm subsidies might not be able to afford to feed himself. I know farmers who get subsidies. They still work harder, sweat more and work longer days than most other business owners I know. They'd work hard whether they got subsidies or not. Not many family farmers can live off the subsidies they receive, and they don't pay off equipment.

Custody justice

CAN SOMEBODY please explain why child-support and custody laws are so worthless in Missouri? How can a father not pay a dime of child support and it has no effect on his visitation rights? I am not granted this luxury as a mother. If I were not willing to spend any of my income on taking care of my child, the state would most likely end up taking her from me. Also, noncustodial parents can skip out for as long as they like with no explanation. When they decide to show back up, their visitation rights cannot legally be denied by the custodial parent. Where is the justice in our system?

Subsidy reality

DON'T BE untruthful with the Speak Out readership. Businesses feed at the public trough in the form of subsidies of one kind or another just as much as farmers do. Socialism for the wealthy is an accepted way of life in America. Sadly, subsidies for those most in need are still opposed by most.

Festival blues

RIVER CITY Music Festival? Ha! I went Friday night. No Tunes at Twilight, No fireworks, No bands, Nothing but heartbreak. There is such a thing as tents. If festival organizers thought the weather could be an issue, they should have planned for it. Get it together or forget it.

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