Letter to the Editor

Evolutionists have godless agenda

To the editor:According to evolutionists, an explosion occurred and over time man, animals and plants emerged. Every explosion I have seen destroys. If we emerged from an explosion, that which exploded had to be so large our minds could not find a way to comprehend its size.

That which exploded had to be far more superior to that which exists. If we are the result of that big explosion, we would have to be classified lower than worms.

What was it like before the bang, and what was it that exploded? If you look up, you will see round celestial bodies. You do not get nicely rounded stars, planets and moons from an explosion.

There are misshapen objects in space called asteroids, comets and meteors that give evidence that there was an explosion, but nowhere near that which the evolutionists would have us believe. In fact, there is a theory that those objects came from the earth at the time of the flood.

The reason for the evolutionists' agenda is to eliminate God from our schools and country. If we are so easily swayed to believe a lie, how can we believe anything?