Letter to the Editor

Contributors are the real heroes

To the editor:Congratulations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association locally for an extremely successful telethon. I have always watched MDA's success with a selfish interest, using it as a barometer for our United Way campaign each year. And each year I'm pleased to watch MDA's donations increase. Both of our organizations make sure the money is invested well in our local community, but those who contribute are the real heroes.

We have just kicked off another United Way campaign and appeal to everyone in the community to help us meet the need. We are challenged every year to get in front of more people. We ask you to please take the initiative to call 334-9634 or visit www.unitedwayofsemo.org and make a pledge today. Help us to pay it forward, strengthening our families and our community.

NANCY JERNIGAN, Executive Director, United Way of Southeast Missouri, Cape Girardeau