Speak Out 12/02/03

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Cape's urbanization

IT REALLY brings tears to your eyes to look at all the development on the west side of Cape Girardeau that used to be beautiful woodlands, farms, lakes and ponds. Now it should be called Asphalt City. I can't see any difference whether you live in the St. Louis area or here. It's like a cookie cutter. It all looks the same: malls, concrete, asphalt. There's no country atmosphere. At one time it was a beautiful place and nice place to grow up. I'm glad to be an environmentalist, which I became in later life, and I'm turning toward it more every day.

Lots of pressure

WITH THESE nearly 230 school districts joining this lawsuit, Gov. Bob Holden may be forced to release funds for schools that he's been using as a political tool.

A season of peace

I KNOW in Christianity that Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, not everyone around here celebrates Christmas that way. I have observed that Christmas extends beyond just celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday. The Christmas season encompasses not just Christianity. It encompasses all religions. Those of us who are pagan celebrate Yule. People of African heritage celebrate Kwanzaa. This season between Thanksgiving and the new year has been reserved as a time to set aside our differences and live in peace. We need to respect all religious practices, not just one.

Let the Marines do it

I SEE where they're going to send some Marines over in Iraq. I'm an old fellow and a former Marine. We need to quit feeding the people over there and get the newspeople out of there and let the Marines take care of the situation. They'll clean up that mess, but you'll have to leave them alone.

Where they live

PRESIDENT BUSH does not negotiate with terrorists. He goes after them where they live and where these terrorist leaders have paid terrorist suicide bombers' families bonuses to kill civilians.

Proud moment

I READ where President Bush went to Iraq to have Thanksgiving with the troops. It made me very proud to be an American. Thank you, President Bush.

Thankful for president

AT THIS time of year, we're asked what we're thankful for. I am so thankful for our president and that we have such a godly man in office who would take time to spend his Thanksgiving with our troops over in Iraq.

Beyond silliness

DAVID LIMBAUGH'S assertion that Democrats are appeasers, meaning soft on terrorism, is beyond silliness. It is an abomination.

Same old conservatism

THE FACES of Southeast Missourian syndicated columnists are becoming ever more ethnically and racially diverse. Sadly, the content of the columns seem even more straitjacketed in their predictable serving of oversimplified conservatism.

Wonderful book

KUDOS TO Carol Robert and all of the other Southeast Missourian personnel who put together the pictorial history of Cape Girardeau. It is a wonderful book.

Still writing tickets

I WAS reading the article about the city's financial woes. One line in the article forced me to laugh out loud. The comment about how the thinly stretched department leaves less time to run radar and write speeding tickets struck me as humorous. I don't see how that is a problem. I see the police out there all the time writing tickets when they could be used for better things. Don't let that comment fool you. They are still out there.

Doing a nice job

I DON'T care what all the carpers and complainers say. Cape Girardeau Mayor Jay Knudtson is doing a nice job.

No positions open

IF CAPE Girardeau has so many job vacancies, how come the city's Web site says no positions are open?

Obeying God's law

WE IN Missouri have to keep our state strong enough to not let gays and lesbians marry. This may be fine in the laws of the land, but in God's eyes these people are not married at all. Please pray for these people, but if they don't change my prayers won't help them on Judgment Day.

Economic stampede

THE NEWS story reporting that a woman was trampled and knocked unconscious while shopping is troubling but, at the same time, indicates that consumers are going the extra mile to ensure our economic recovery.

Picking our leaders

DIRECT DEMOCRACIES do not work unless they are small. Once they get too large, they turn into popularity contests, Just look at who our society decides is popular by voting with their dollars. If direct democracies could be limited to informed voters, then it might work, but too many people cast their votes based on the eeny, meeny, miney, mo method.

Rally for I-66

IF CAPE Girardeau and Paducah ever want to be connected, we must rally for Interstate 66. Not only will it connect Cape Girardeau and Paducah, it will also increase tourism and sales tax receipts.

A failure to act

IT'S THIS simple. If the Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly had closed the cavernous corporate tax loopholes as recommended by the governor, he wouldn't have been forced to withhold public education money.

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