Letter to the Editor

Area generosity for service dog is heartwarming

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

To the editor:

Every community can learn from the generosity of Southeast Missourians.

Miki Gudermuth, executive director of SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence Inc., e-mailed me regarding the articles about Josh Ghiz's need for a service dog. I then looked up the two articles written by Bob Miller on your Web site.

From a personal point of view, I was very touched by Josh's story and the community response.

Service Dogs Today Inc., a not-for-profit organization in Jefferson City, Mo., has also decided to contribute to Josh's cause. Service Dogs Today is dedicated to educating the public, businesses and users of service dogs to the rights and responsibilities of these highly trained animals. Service Dogs Today has contributed $500 to help pay for Josh's service dog training expense. It has been a struggle for service dog users for many years to gain public acceptance. Your community response to Josh indicates that Southeast Missouri does understand. As an organization dedicated to our purpose, it is heartwarming and encouraging to learn that an entire community would put forth the effort and support your community has given.

As a service dog user myself, I understand the importance of community acceptance. I hope the community recognizes or will recognize the effect their generosity has and will continue to have on Josh's life.



Service Dogs Today Inc.

Lohman, Mo.