The laws of war

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Berlingske Tidende

Evidently the United States doesn't want to take any chances in the war against terrorism, including the part of the war against terrorism that takes place in Guantanamo. The thought of releasing a prisoner because of lack of evidence after which he will fly a plane into another skyscraper is not thrilling. It is difficult to demand the rule of law for people who went to Afghanistan to fight for murderous regimes and terror organizations. They certainly were not in the mountains as tourists.

The official acts of war in Afghanistan, and for that matter in Iraq, are over, and a two-year period to find evidence of criminal acts should be more than sufficient. No matter the kind of terrorism, a state can not simply lock up people without a trial until they die. Unfortunately neither can the Danish government or other friends of the United States force the American government to respect the laws of war.

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