Letter to the Editor

Hole in ozone isn't hurting anyone on Earth

Saturday, November 29, 2003

To the editor:

Do you find yourself wearing more sunscreen because of the ozone hole? You shouldn't, because the ozone hole isn't affecting anybody.

The ozone hole does not harm Earth or its inhabitants. The ozone hole is only there four out of 12 months.

Chlorofluorocarbons destroy ozone. They are inert, which means they don't combine with other molecules hardly at all. Since they don't combine, they can make a trip all the way down to Antarctica, where they freeze.

When the polar vortex comes, it swooshes the CFCs into the ozone layer and destroys it. That is the only way for CFCs to get into the ozone layer.

The ozone hole is located over Antarctica. People in Australia say they're getting cancer from the ozone hole. That's just not possible. The hole is over Antarctica, and no one lives there. It shouldn't affect anyone anywhere else.

I hope you now understand why there is a hole in the ozone and why it's not hurting anyone.

We can't stop the polar vortex. If we could, there wouldn't be an ozone hole. But the ozone hole isn't hurting anyone, and there's no need to worry.


Cape Girardeau