Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago, most Americans in the East and Midwest were well into their morning routines when they first heard that a jetliner had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Soon, millions of us were glued to the closest television set we could find and watched in horror as another jet hit the other tower. And we listened in disbelief as we heard about yet another crash at the Pentagon in Washington and of a fourth hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

It is a morning we will never forget.

Since then, the world has been on high alert for more terrorism. Plots to carry out more mayhem have been thwarted in Great Britain and in Germany in recent weeks. While the threat of terror remains, there have been no more attacks in the United States.

Terrorism is a deadly foe that can be contained but not defeated.

Terrorism is the work of cowards.

Terrorism results in the self-imposed loss of our liberties.

Terrorism is concocted by misguided ideology.

Terrorism can be initiated by any crackpot, and there are plenty of examples of terrorism in the United States (the Unabomber and the Oklahoma City bombing come to mind) to prove it.

Despite the best efforts of terrorists, free nations all over the world remain strong -- and possibly a good deal safer -- and continue to be the destinations of choice for millions of individuals who want a better life and a brighter future for their children. Check the immigrations statistics. How many immigrants are trying to get into countries that are known to harbor terrorists?

On this anniversary of 9-11, we remember those who died and their families. And we say thank you to all whose efforts are made to keep us safe and secure around the world.

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