Speak Out 11/26/03

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Gasoline additive

MTBE IS a fuel additive that burns more efficiently and reduces tailpipe emissions. This raises the octane level, thereby allowing us to get better gas mileage in our cars. A recent Speak Out comment referred to the leakage of MTBE from underground storage tanks, which contaminates the water table. Congress should provide municipalities funding to fix the tanks. A ban on MTBE would likely cause ethanol to be used in its place, and the demand for ethanol would be too great to meet domestically. Can we say "higher gas prices"?

After the war

I IMAGINE our troops will come home when the job is done just like they did after the Revolutionary, Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American wars as well as World War I and World War II. I hope the war in Korea will end eventually and those troops will come home. If you think that war ended in the 1950s, you're dreaming. We pulled out of Vietnam without allowing our troops to finish the job. I guess for some people mass graves containing 300,000 bodies of men, women and children of all ages is not a good reason to oust someone like Saddam Hussein.

Thespian excellence

I'D LIKE to congratulate Katie Williams, Cassie Kipper, Elizabeth Ervin, Edgar Palacios, Kevin McCarty, and the rest of their counterparts for their excellence and commitment to the technical running of "You Can't Take It With You." Great job, kids. Keep up the good work.

Having it both ways

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian has given credit to President Bush for what may be the beginnings of an economic recovery. However, if the economy reverts to borderline recession status, the Southeast Missourian editorial staff will be quick to point out that there is little or nothing a president can do to influence the natural fluctuations of the business cycle.

Recruiting at SEMO

GIVEN THE low morale at Southeast Missouri State University, one of the biggest problems the university confronts as more faculty retire is recruiting. Could any SEMO faculty member in good conscience urge a bright, young new Ph.D. to come to SEMO rather than a Murray State or Middle Tennessee?

Mess on trash day

I'M CALLING about all the trash along the streets, especially on trash pickup day. People don't even bother to tie their trash bags. I wish the city would do something, because it messes up the whole neighborhood.

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