Speak out 11/21

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Christian first

I DEPLORE the way the chief justice was thrown off the Supreme Court because of the Ten Commandments. I'm a Christian first, an American second and a Democrat third. About 75 percent or 80 percent of my Democrat friends go along with this 100 percent. We're good Christians. We believe in programs to help everybody and the poor.

Better coordination

AS THOUSANDS converged on downtown Cape, the Red House and the river, they were greeted by orange barrels and construction trash all along the riverfront and even around the Red House. The city failed to complete the walkway project along the river, and there is a mess north of the Red House. The city also was digging directly in front of the Broadway murals. Is this a failure to cooperate, a lack of vision or administrative incompetence? There's no excuse. The Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge dedication is Dec. 13. Let's see: new bridge, riverfront, thousands of visitors. Can we connect the dots and figure this out?

Report from the front

I'M GLAD that U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson went overseas and informed us about what's going on. I was especially disheartened to hear that the troops who are being sent do not get the night-vision gear and the special armor. I hope Congress can work to make sure each person who goes over has as much protection as the next person that's serving our nation.

Bad parade timing

I'M CALLING about the Lewis and Clark festivities. It was a great idea and a good thing for our city. I have one major complaint: the time of the parade at 11 a.m. Sunday. It made it very difficult for a lot of families to be able to go to church and attend the parade. I think the timing could have been more convenient for everyone.

Skilled professionals

TO THE person who claims there's no unskilled labor: The next time you have to be hospitalized or have surgery, why don't you have someone who stacks boxes or digs ditches do it.I'm not saying these jobs aren't important. People with intelligence and training and ambition and hard work have jobs that take more skill than others.

Thanks for the book

I PICKED up my Faces & Places photo history book at the Missourian and wanted to thank you for publishing it. I spent much of the night reading it. It is so far beyond my expectations. My son helped me play the disk in the computer too. Thank you.

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