Letter to the Editor

Fund underwrites rural wireless

To the editor:The Federal Communications Commission is poised to ruin rural wireless service with a proposed rule that would reduce funding to the companies that have been the providers of these services in outstate Missouri. As telephone consumers, wireless and landline, we pay a United Service Fund charge on every bill. The USF is partially used to build cell phone towers and improve the cell phone network throughout rural America, including rural Missouri. Without these funds, rural wireless providers wouldn't be able to provide this service, because it isn't economically feasible. They also wouldn't be able to provide upgrades and 911 service, or maintain coverage areas. Please take a moment to study this issue. Visit the Web site www.wirelessacrossamerica.org for more information. After you understand it, I believe you will want to contact your representative and senators in Washington and tell them to oppose the FCC's efforts to ruin rural wireless service.

KAREN HOTZE, Webster Groves, Mo.