Speak Out 9/2/07

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Not enough to mess with

I LIVE at Lincoln Street Apartments in Scott City. We have aluminum poles for our dusk-to-dawn lights. Over the weekend someone backed into one of the poles and bent it. The damage was reported. AmerenUE sent someone out to repair it. After looking at the damage, the workers said it wasn't enough damage to fool with. If I withheld $3 of my utility bill, would this also not be enough to fool with?

Bigger impact

REPUBLICANS IN the last presidential campaign focused on national security and family values. Republicans instilled the fear in Americans that if they elected Democrats, our national security and the war on terror would suffer. Locally, a Republican state representative, Nathan Cooper, found ways to get noncitizens into this country by illegal means. Immigration laws exist for a reason. A state representative who breaks those laws affects our national security. Many local Republicans commented that they were at least glad that his actions didn't affect his state representative position. I suggest that they did, and to believe otherwise would be quite Republican of you.

Giving to children

IT DOES not take much to be the producer of a child. However, it takes love and self-denial to be a parent. Mothers and fathers have to think of the child first and foremost. Many people who have the care and well-being of little ones charged to them do not think of anyone but themselves. This is not a new occurrence. Gamblers used to say "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" before throwing the dice. This was before my time, but it shows that it is not new to deny children shoes for one's own joy. The problem is that in today's society it is not the exception. It used to be. Then we have situations like the one in the paper where little ones do not even get prompt medical care. I have seen clean, bright youngsters with gleaming smiles whose family did not have much at all, but they did have parents who loved them and gave them all they could. We should reach out to the children who lack. If it is money, food, shelter or clothes, let us give from our hearts. If it is love and caring, let us have that in our hearts to give too.

Going downhill

I UNDERSTAND the preservation and revitalization of downtown Cape. What I do not understand is letting the rest of Cape go downhill. Pouring money and too much time into downtown Cape makes no sense when the roads to get down there are disgraceful. You have to look at many run-down businesses and homes, and there's trash everywhere.

Thanks to restaurants

I WOULD like to thank all the restaurants that participated in the Central High School tennis team's restaurant crawl. I ate more than what my ticket cost me, and my family and I tried several restaurants that we had never tried before. One of those was so good that we already have plans to dine there again this weekend.

Kids need help too

ALL THIS attention on dog fighting is great. I am a dog lover, but I can't understand how, when it comes to animals, people are so willing to donate money and put this story on every front page. There are children and babies being beaten and killed every day, and no one is jumping up to save them. Why can't more people donate money to local child abuse prevention centers or show more attention to these horrible crimes against humans? I love animals, but these children who can't defend themselves need our support also.

Never forgotten

THESE TEARS I've wept know no color for the pain endured by my fellow brother. I open my heart unto your pain, knowing our differences, no need to explain because truly we are one in the same. I refuse to take part in the racial game. Receive my comfort as I pray for you. I know not what more I can do. Trust in our Father with spirit strong. He'll give you the strength, he won't lead you wrong. May God's peace be with all of you. To all who are victims of Hurricane Katrina, you are not forgotten.

Buying grades

IF YOUR child brings extra boxes of tissues to school and other items like that, they will be given extra credit points. This is very sad for the Cape Girardeau School District. The school board needs to take a firm stand that you cannot buy or purchase any part of your grade. You can't do it in other businesses. It's sad for the families that don't have the money to buy their grades.

Poetic justice

I HAVE a suggestion for the judge in the Michael Vick case about killing the dogs. Why not sentence him to work in an animal shelter? Give me five years of weekend work in an animal shelter. Then he can see what it's like for these abused and deserted animals that people don't want. That would be poetic justice.

Waste of money

I'M CALLING in reference to the $80,000 that the city fathers spent to find out what direction Cape Girardeau should take and what the priorities should be. This is a waste of time and money by the city council and city management. Anybody who voted to do that should resign. And if Mayor Jay Knudtson thinks he's going to go any further in politics in this city, county or state, he needs to think again when he allows something like that to happen. Voters in Cape Girardeau are disappointed in our city administration.

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