Sunday, November 23, 2003

A tough way to lose

IF THE football and basketball teams at SEMO are the cornerstones of the athletic department as Don Kaverman said, how can the school attract more students if the basketball team loses to a Division II school? That is a humiliating loss for a Division I school, and losses like that will surely reduce enrollment.

Rams need special help

I'D LIKE to say something about the Rams' special teams. Looks to me we need a special teams coach up there because they almost ran back two Sunday and the they fumbled a couple of times. I think it's about time we get a special teams coach.

Make schedule tougher

HOW DISAPPOINTING it was to see Central fall in the sectional round of the football playoffs. But after it happened, Igot to thinking:Why in the world doesn't Central schedule more opponents from St. Louis so it can see tougher competition through the regular season?That's the kind of game that will get you ready for big situations. Playing Sumner or any other Public High League team doesn't accomplish squat in the long run. Why not schedule even a smaller school with football history, like Lutheran North or Herculaneum?

Previewing hoops

ARE YOU publishing a basketball preview edition this year?I haven't seen anything about it.

It will be included as a seperate section inside our Nov. 28 edition.

Considering Division III

A RECENT caller suggests that SEMO needs Division I athletics so it can compete successfully for students against other state-supported universities. But can this really happen, given the mediocre nature of most SEMO sports teams? Wouldn't we compete against these other schools more successfully if we had strong academic programs? If you want to root for a football team, just watch television. Or, if SEMO really does want an athletic program, a Division III approach would allow SEMO to appeal to a whole different group of student athletes. SEMO athletes could be students who go to college to learn, but, because they have significant but limited athletic talents, would also enjoy playing a team sport. An additional benefit would be that regular students would actually know and go to class with the athletes they cheer.

Salute to CAYSA, Doyle

AS A former youth soccer coach, I am very proud of Central Tigers soccer team. Both my sons played for Central several years ago and earlier with CAYSA. Cape Girardeau soccer has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, and CAYSA has been very instrumental in developing these high school players. Of course coach Tom Doyle can take a lot of credit as well. Congratulations, Central players and coach Doyle. This old soccer coach and father of two players from the late '90s is proud of all of you.

Feels like a funeral

I'M A big fan of the Southeast sports programs, but the biggest thing they need to work on is developing a big-game atmosphere. When you go games now, it's like going to a funeral. I know it's not easy to get fans around here pumped up, but Iwish them luck.

Mysteries of the Cards

WELL, I'M waiting to see the Cardinals make an offseason move that actually means something.I haven't seen it yet, andI really haven't seen any indication that it's coming. All this talk of tradingJim Edmonds is silly. I heard the rumor about signing GregMaddux, but I'll believe it when I actually see it. And trading Tino Martinez? Hopefully the Cardinals are looking way down the road with these moves, because I don't see how there will be immediate payoff.

Proud of the Tigers

CENTRAL'S SOCCER team has made the entire community proud. I'm glad to see the boys do so well, especially a year after Notre Dame's soccer team went all the way and won its first state championship.

It's time to step up

SOUTHEAST'S ATHLETIC teams should see this season as make-it-or-break it. Not to put added pressure on the athletes or coaches, but if our university is tossing around the notion of dropping sports or even dropping down to Division II, this is the time when our current teams must step up and prove they belong with Division I and Division I-AA programs. The men's basketball team's loss this week to a Division II school like Missouri-Rolla -- under any circumstances --doesn't convince taxpayers that the program is at a level where it can consistently compete with the big boys.

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