Speak Out 8/28/07

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Space-travel dirt

THESE SCIENTIFIC cowboys can preach all they want to about global warming, but until they address the issues concerning space travel and how it's destroying the ozone layer and the atmosphere, I'm not one bit concerned about emissions from my lawn mower and vehicle. Let them get to the real dirt.

Biodiesel costs more

THANK YOU for the story about the biodiesel plant. Soybean-based biodiesel is environmentally friendly. Soybeans take almost no fertilizer for growing. They take nitrogen out of the air all by themselves. They have virtually no byproducts, virtually no pollution while you're making biodiesel. The only thing that's left over is glycerine, and it can be used in soap. The only problem is it's not quite as cost effective as ethanol, so it's hard to make money making biodiesel.

Old Bethel thanks

I WANT to thank the Missouri Baptist Convention, Melvin Gateley and all the numerous volunteers of labor and materials who made the restoration and uprising of Old Bethel Church and Cemetery possible. It was a wonderful dedication service attended by 300 people, and the spirit of the Lord was with us. It was a special service. I want to thank all who were involved with this endeavor. Thank you, and God bless each one of you and yours.

Fewer imports

WE NEED to stop bankrolling countries like India and China by importing so many of our goods from them. I do not think a closed economy is the answer, but surely we could bring more manufacturing back home.

Dust-bowl highway

THE MESS the Missouri Department of Transportation has caused on Highway 72 west of Jackson is unbelievable. Supposedly MoDOT is widening the road, but all it seems to have done in the last three weeks is turn it into a dust bowl reminiscent of the 1920s. I guess this is our tax dollars at work.

Pray for peace

SOMEONE SUGGESTED that we pray for peace at 8 p.m. each evening. If not every night, at least on Sept. 11 let us pray for our country in this time of war at 8 p.m. Go to your front porch. Light a candle. Pray with your family. Pray for peace. Can we take time? Can we make time?

Good magazine

THE August issue of The Best Years was the best yet. All of the articles were terrific, but I especially appreciated Linda Redeffer's "Do it my way." That is so appropriate. Keep up the good work.

Close the loophole

THE REQUEST of Debbie Erlbacher to amend Cape Girardeau's liquor-license ordinance should be denied. The city's ordinance has worked for 40 years. Why should it be changed for the financial gain of one person? Weddings are one thing. Drunken wedding parties are another. If Erlbacher has been operating on a loophole in the law, the city should be concentrating on how to fix the loophole. Can the city legally issue a temporary permit to an establishment holding a liquor license to sell alcohol at a location deemed too close to a church or school?

Neighborhood watch

I WANTED to make a comment about the drug bust on Rampart Street. I want to thank police chief Carl Kinnison, all the other policemen and all the neighbors for being vigilant in keeping an eye on things. I'm glad to know that with people getting involved, we can keep that stuff out of our neighborhoods. As someone who lives in that area, thank you again to all of you who kept your eye on this and took care of it. I hope there won't be a problem in this particular house again.

Any difference?

WE ARE tired of hearing David Limbaugh talk about Bush haters. He is a Clinton hater and a Democrat hater, so what is the difference?

Approval ratings

I'M BEHIND a vehicle with one of those "Had enough? Vote Democrat" bumper stickers, which makes me laugh. The approval rating for the Republican president is much higher than the approval rating for the Democrat-controlled House and Senate. Evidently getting those Democrats didn't make a bit of difference.

Big attraction

THE ASTOUNDING 25 percent increase in Southeast Missouri State University's freshman enrollment is indeed attributable to the attraction of the River Campus. All who held up or criticized this project should publicly apologize.

Long bus ride

MY SON rides a special bus for mentally handicapped children at Central Middle School. He gets on the bus at 3 p.m. and doesn't get home until after 4 p.m. and lives just a few blocks from the school. Why?

Change the law

I SUPPORT Debby Erlbacher's request to challenge the liquor law. If she's been serving alcohol for three years without incident, what's going to change if she serves alcohol herself? Does it really matter if it's 200 or 100 feet to a church or school? Why does this law even exist? How many years ago was it enacted? What are we really afraid of?

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