Speak Out 8/27/07

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bring back TSO

I CANNOT believe the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will not be in Cape Girardeau this year. That is the best show all year. This is one show I look forward to. I have seen it for two years, and it is more than worth the traffic mess and endless road construction. Please find some way to bring them back.

Humane funding

GREAT STORY and picture about the artist who let her dogs chew up Michael Vick trading cards and -- best yet -- selling them on eBay with the money going to a Humane Society. A fitting sentence for this football player would be to take a great deal of his money and give it to Humane Society programs.

Greek housing

DO NOT the Greek students at Southeast Missouri State University pay tuition and housing costs just like the other students? I was a member of a Greek organization, and Southeast requires on-campus housing for new students that do not live within a certain radius. While the Greek community does have a reputation and a few stereotypes, it does a lot for the community and the university.

Half a loaf

DAVID LIMBAUGH, I'll give you half a loaf. Karl Rove was a genius at winning elections, though he did so in a divisive manner so extreme it was injurious to our nation. His policy advice to President Bush must generally be judged as an abject failure.

Not-so-preferred parking

JUST A thought ... with all of the incoming freshmen coming to the Southeast Missouri State University campus, parking in campus lots has become a nuisance. My boyfriend purchased a preferred parking permit, which ensures him a spot in the preferred parking lot. Since Monday he has had to park illegally or on the street because the parking lots that he paid to use were overcrowded. Could someone investigate and tell us the reasons why students pay for the luxury of parking closer to their classes and then are forced to park somewhere else?

Lacking information

I FIND it interesting that you can't find up-to-date progress reports on the Transportation Trust Fund projects on the city of Cape Girardeau Web site. It is also interesting that you have to wait until the local paper decides to publish what is planned for construction sites, typically long after construction has begun. Both of these types of information ought to be readily accessible to the public. Why does the city expect us to support funds for parks and sewers when they don't even maintain proper public access to information about current construction projects in the city?

Higher prices

I WISH our elected officials at the state and federal levels would get off this ethanol kick. It's a white elephant. The only thing that will happen is that food costs are going to rise as we use grains that used to feed us and farm animals to make ethanol. AS the costs to farmers for those feed grains rises, so will the cost of bread, meat, milk and all related products.

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