Out of the past 8/27/07

Monday, August 27, 2007

25 years ago: Aug. 27, 1982

Residents along Terry Lane and Laura Lane near Walker Creek are mopping up the aftermath of the worst flooding in Cape Girardeau in five years; most of the residents in the area have mud-packed floors, soaked carpets and water-stained furniture as the result of the flash flooding of Walker Creek.

Classes began yesterday for the Cape Girardeau public schools, with Vince Raddle, director of elementary education reporting an enrollment of 4,124, slightly down from last year.

50 years ago: Aug. 27, 1957

The city of Cape Girardeau made its final move in the 18-year-old Courthouse Park-post office trade yesterday as one item of a city council session; Mayor Walter H. Ford was authorized by ordinance to sign a quitclaim deed for the post office building to the government, thereby returning it to its original owner.

Cape Girardeau voters, by a substantial majority, approve at a special election a proposal to issue $295,000 in bonds to make improvements at the municipal airport.

75 years ago: Aug. 27, 1932

Jake Brennecke, a farmer living near the Cane Creek School, west of Jackson, is badly bruised and suffers numerous cuts on the body when he is thrown from a mower while working in a field near his home; Brennecke is thrown from the mower when the team of horses becomes frightened and bolts, sending it into a tree.

An open house will be held Sunday afternoon by Verna Mae Cole at her new dance studio at 421A Broadway; classes in the new studio will start Tuesday; Cole will instruct pupils 3 years or older in the various types of dancing.

100 years ago: Aug. 27, 1907

The committees that have the Labor Day celebration in hand are going at the matter in the right spirit; several of Cape Girardeau's unions are building floats for the parade, which will be led by Schuchert's band; a picnic will be held at the fairgrounds.

A three-day temperance conference, to be attended by temperance people of three counties, begins with an introductory meeting in the evening at the Baptist church in Cape Girardeau; special guest is evangelist Edith Hill Booker of Kansas.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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