Embarking on a quest

Thursday, August 23, 2007

By Chris Harris

Southeast Missourian

I became a journalist because I love answering questions.

"Whoa, wait a minute," you say. "Journalists are supposed to ask the questions, not answer them."

Well, yes, dear reader, I do ask questions, but only so I can turn around and give you an answer.

For this new column, I'm going to need questions directly from you. Whether it relates to diet and nutrition or fitness and general well-being, I'll take your question to the proper health authority and find out everything you need.

What causes chronic fatigue syndrome? How do I prevent those midnight leg cramps? Which stretch will help my sore shoulders?

Give me two weeks, and I'll give you an answer. I probably want to know the answer as well.

I often have or have heard my friends complain about random aches or curious nutrition facts, neither of which warrant a trip to the doctor or a dietitian appointment, but still needs an answer.

So lay it on me: Why does my knee hurt? What should I eat for dinner? What exactly does the gallbladder do?

Give me details if you want a specific answer. If your elbow hurts, tell me when it started, where it hurts and if the pain increases during certain activity.

The question doesn't have to pertain to you or anyone you know, for that matter, just something you're curious about.

Did you know vitamins don't actually give you energy? They just help you to break down food and get energy from those nutrients.

Does the outside of your knee hurt when you run? It might be your iliotibial band, a rough stretch of tendons from your hip to your knee. The pain can be alleviated with a few certain stretches and possibly a knee band.

Send questions in by mail, post on the blog or e-mail them. Include your name, phone number and return address (e-mail or other) in case I need clarification.

Give me a minute, and I'll give you an answer.

Now you know.


Have a quest? Send questions to charris@semissourian.com; post on semissourian.com/blogs under "Quest for the Healthy Grail" or c/o Quest, 301 Broadway, Cape Girardeau, MO, 63703.

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