Speak Out 8/23/07

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Voting memories

IT WILL be quite interesting to see how the Nathan Cooper incident will be handled by politicians. As voters, we are all watching them and will remember when election time comes around how they deal with a corrupt politician.

Race matters

IN RESPONSE to David Limbaugh's "Race exploitation" column and to the "Race talk" comment: It would be wonderful if race didn't matter in our country. But we have a census that asks for everyone's race, and your race is asked for on all applications for jobs and entrance applications to schools. Race obviously matters in this country. I wish it didn't.

More drive-ups

I'M SURPRISED that more restaurants do not put in drive-through windows or curbside pickup for call-in orders. For people who are handicapped, have small children to transport, don't want to fool with trying to find a parking place or just don't want to get dressed up to go in, a drive-up window is a wonderful thing.

Use your ashtray

I'M CALLING about the smoker who was pleading with other smokers to not throw cigarette butts out of their cars. I wish they wouldn't do that either. I have two lots, and smokers throw their cigarettes on the grass. They could set a fire. Please use your car ashtray.

World War II heroes

I'M NOT a World War II veteran, but I am a veteran. The word "hero" has been thrown around so lightly in the last few years. The true heroes are the World War II veterans. Without those men and women, we would not be a free nation. We need to show more appreciation for these men and women. Nowadays you're a hero if you stop to help a woman fix a flat tire. You need to stop by the veterans home and talk to these men and women and give them your thanks and tell them you appreciate them.

No MAP scores

Once again the Missourian shows just how negative it can be. Where are the MAP scores? Let's compare how great some schools did rather than focus on those that did not make adequate yearly progress. My daughter attends Alma Schrader Elementary School, and that school did fine with MAP. Where's the reward for a job well done in the newspaper? I don't want to read about the schools that didn't do well.

Trash complaints

I'VE COMPLAINED three times about the trash on Tracy Street in Jackson. Two weeks later it's still there, stinking and blowing all over other people's yards. I don't want rats.

Greek housing

I think one solution to the Southeast Missouri State University housing issue would be to stop providing housing to Greek organizations. Many universities require Greeks to secure their own housing, which saves the university a lot of money on upkeep and utilities. These organizations have nothing to do with academics, even though they have academic requirements to become an active member. They pick and choose members, so they're private organizations. Our tax dollars and Southeast's housing money should not be spent to provide their housing.

He will be missed

COUNT ME in as another reader who will sorely miss Mark Bliss. He interviewed me for a couple of articles over the years, and I always found him to be easy to talk to and truly interested in what his subject had to say. Every article I was a part of was well-written, and the quotes were accurate and presented in context. I wish there were more reporters like him.

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