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Speak Out 8/20/07

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big bump

IT SURE would be nice if the city would fix the big bump on Lexington Avenue just up from Belleridge Pike. It is where the concrete and asphalt meet. It will almost throw you off your motorcycle.

Ethanol blues

FUNNY HOW the people are buying the claim that ethanol fuel is the savior for our oil crises. We even have a majority of politicians behind it, although this is not so unbelievable since the big lobbying firms put plenty of cash flow in the election campaign coffers for these loyal supporters. The farmers get subsidies, the producers of ethanol get subsidies and the politicians get campaign financing. Sorry, but citizens get the ethanol blues.

City hall parking

I AM tired of trying to get a parking spot in front of Jackson City Hall when I have business there because of city employees and their large trucks parked there. Today there were three large red city trucks parked in front of city hall. One truck was so large it was taking up two spaces. There is ample parking in the back of the building for employees. Make them park in the rear.

Less tax, more money

I JUST watched "The O'Reilly Factor" with Mayor Rudi Guiliani, who said his success as New York mayor was that he lowered taxes and made more money. I wish our mayor and our city council would do the same.

Don't lump together

I'M OFFENDED by the calls to Speak Out saying local Republicans are defending Nathan Cooper. I am a Republican, and I am appalled by Cooper's behavior. I'm not defending him. I think they ought to throw the book at him. Please don't lump all of us together. Not all Republicans are wanting to push this under the carpet. All Democrats aren't flaming liberals, and all Republicans aren't put-your-head-in-the-sand conservatives.

Will miss the column

I WAS sad to see the good-bye column from Mark Bliss. I've enjoyed reading his column for a number of years, and I'm sorry to see him leave the Southeast Missourian. I wish him all the best with this new job. I wish he could continue writing his column for the Missourian. I'd like to keep following how things are going with his family.

Parks proposals

REGARDING THE park tax proposal: The parks department should take the profit from the golf course for whatever is needed at the golf course. If the golf course can't make it, sell it to a private company. The city can take the profit from the pool for upkeep. If the city isn't making money from the golf course and pool, shut them down. Danny Essner said the public expects an aquatic center. He must be talking to a different public than I am. Most of the public I've talked to is against the aquatic center. It's a money-wasting idea. People from Fredericktown, Farmington, Eddyville, Ky., and Poplar Bluff are not going to drive to Cape Girardeau for the water park.

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The city will never be allowed to sell the golf course...it is one of the conditions that were written into it when the Jaycees dontated it to the city for a 1$. The only reason the golf course doesnt make more money is because DAN doesnt believe that people care about it. Lets all give him heck over that statement.

-- Posted by gowlfman on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 6:42 AM

I sort of like that big bump on Lexington. With the right amount of speed you sort of can ramp it and catch some air. Besides, it's way off on the side of the road in an area where most cars or motorcycles aren't driving. Every now and then you'll see a bag of trash or something that was lost out of a truck because they hit that bump.

-- Posted by Rodney King on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 8:18 AM

A quality, affordable public golf course is an asset to the community. I love playing the Jaycees course. It's not so long that you can't walk it, and it's more interesting and challenging than Kimbleland.

-- Posted by calypso12 on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 9:14 AM

Now you did it, R.K.!!! You've gone and opened a big-ol' can of worms! Get out the Kevlar underwear...!

-- Posted by donknome on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 10:14 AM

I think it is a shame there are big bumps in Cape or in Jackson. I was driving out a major highway, on 72, and just about went off the road. There is about a 20 mile stretch that is nothing but bumps.

-- Posted by youareabunchaspunks on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 10:52 AM

It does not matter where the bump is on the road it should be repaired asap!!We pay HUGE taxes in this County and City and it should be fixed!We motorcycle riders have every right to use the city roads and should expect these roads to be safe to travel.I will admit that I am more concerned about the idiots who just love to talk on their cell phones and pull out in front of you because there deep into a conversation and not paying attention.I encourage everyone to look out for all of us motorcycle riders.I would also tell all these kids to quit driving these crotch rockets as if they have no respect for life.I constantly see these kids on the brink of death riding these things on one wheel or at 120 plus miles an hour.If you loose it at that speed we will need a fork and spoon to clean you up off the highway.Ride smart and ride safe!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:14 AM

The absolute best place to catch air in city-limits Cape Girardeau is the bottom of Henderson hill, going north, where it meets what is it, Price street or something... You know what I'm talking about... Hit that going about 65 or 70. Try it.

-- Posted by godblessmurrika on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:20 AM

Re: Don't lump together: You are 100% right. Seems to be the us against them attitude is everywhere. I live on a street where there are Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, and atheists. We are all good friends and yes we talk politics and religion. We all have one things in common though. We don't like lawbreakers from any party. We don't like pedophiles, no matter their religion. We believe in free speech, separation of church and state, freedom from harassment, freedom of religion, law and order, a transparent local, state or national government, term limits on Congress, the principal of Americans first, community schools, non-organized play time for kids, and the right to be free to do what we want as long as we don't trample on another's rights. We do get together and cook out and we do respect the others views and right to worship or not worship. How do we do this you ask, we are adults and have a brain.

-- Posted by lvsholeflow on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:50 AM

I like the big bumps....keeps people awake.

-- Posted by Make no mistake about it on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:51 AM


And in what Country do you live?

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:54 AM

If you don't know what you are talking about...Keep Quiet! Apparently you don't understand ethanol or farm subsidies. You had probaly rather some shiek make money as a American!!!I don't see any farmers raiding airports and destroying homes. The farmers subsidies are nothing compared to other people in this country that get them. Call you representative and check it out you will be surprised.

-- Posted by janaj100 on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 12:45 PM

Lvsholeflow: You guys are pandering to each other. Bet each one goes home and talks about what an idiot the others are.

-- Posted by cannedheat on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 12:49 PM

Grow up Janaj100. It is a fact you use more than a gallon of oil to produce a gallon of ethanol.

-- Posted by cannedheat on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 12:54 PM

I may not agree with MJBallou's politics, but we do agree when it comes to food. I tried Global Cafe's lunch for the first time today.

Outstanding is all I can say. I could have eaten for the rest of the afternoon.


-- Posted by dmm86 on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 1:09 PM

Hey, blog monitor person...

The entries on this blog read from bottom (first entry) to the top, (most recent entry). The other blogs are the opposite. Would you be so kind as to fix it so this blog reads from top (first entry) to bottom (most recent entry). It sure would make it easier to read.

What do the rest of you bloggers think? Top to bottom, or leave it as is?

-- Posted by Hawker on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 1:10 PM

Hey you guys better watch out or the "Evil Capitalist ******" that run the Southeast Missourian will start charging for advertisments for your favorite eating establishment.

-- Posted by DARTHJASON on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 1:19 PM

Sorry I forgot the E.

-- Posted by DARTHJASON on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 1:30 PM

MJB, thanks but no thanks for lunch. I typically go home to play with my daughter over my lunch break.

I also am not in need of mellowing out. I was just trying to have a little fun and see where everyone was at. As they used to say down south "Just Pickin' with ya"

-- Posted by DARTHJASON on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 3:41 PM

MJB I grew up in Memphis and north Mississippi and I'm not sure how old you are, but that might be where the difference is. You know how different generations have different sayings.

-- Posted by DARTHJASON on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 4:07 PM

I thought the QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL was Elton John...did I miss a memo?

-- Posted by jumpinjehova on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 4:36 PM

I thought the QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL was Elton John...did I miss a memo?

-- Posted by jumpinjehova on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 4:36 PM

For all interested parties: There is a History Channel program on tonight (8 I believe, check your listings) covering 9/11 and particularly conspiracy theories of such. I am on the record now as saying it will be HUGELY flawed as the producers of it are the same people that made the Popular Mechanics article that 'debunked' alternative theories about that day. That particular de-bunking has been de-bunked already as well. It was handled at PM magazine by Homeland Security Czar Micheal Chertoff's cousin, so it does have a certain tang of paritality.

So if you watch tonight, make sure you realize that not everything on television is real and that the people producing this do indeed have something to hide.

As much as we pay them, they (our elected officials) should answer any questions we have.

Yeah right

-- Posted by jumpinjehova on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 4:42 PM

On March 15, 2007, the group known as Judicial Watch, a conservative non-partisan educational group who supports transparency in politics and law obtained records "detailing border management and travel recommendations" from the White House. One of the proposals is a one card id which allows residents from Mexico, United States and Canada to travel freely between the countries. How is this for comprehensive immigration reform? Just go to the website judicialwatch.org and read all the documents obtained by them. How come we don't hear of this on the local or national news?

-- Posted by cannedheat on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 5:25 PM

Thanks for the heads up about the History Channel show debunking all your theories. I think a psych major would be better qualified to examine your motivations so I won't comment on that now but the show was informative in that I had no idea our local loons were part of such a large misguided movement. Grow up you guys and move on.

-- Posted by stevmo on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 8:37 PM


Right on. you are the second person on this site with enough smarts to see Michael J. Ballou and his cult as a bunch of crazies.

That's alright though, soon enough he will offer them some kool-aid.

I'm quite sure that there are many more people that have seen his rants that are very smart as well. They probably just got sick of his stupidity and gave up.

-- Posted by minute-man on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 9:17 PM

gowlfman is correct. If the city decides to not operate the golf course any longer, it returns to the Jaycee organization.

-- Posted by chas111 on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 9:27 PM

Your president is there, betraying the interests of America, once again. Secret agreements, leaving Congress out, this is something that we all should be shouting out about.

-- Posted by Michael J. Ballou on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 3:57 PM

If this is such a big secret, How did you find out about it?

Whatever it is that you are putting in your coffee Quit it's not good for you.

-- Posted by minute-man on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 9:59 PM

If we are not careful, we will become defocused from the real issues before us, that we all agree upon, and, fragmented when we need to be focused upon a unity of purpose.

To become engaged in a debate over religious beliefs, or, lack of, could cause a separation within this developing group that is in unity on the War against the Iraqi people, globalism, corpratism, and, the fascsim and tyranny expanding at a rapid rate within this country.

To attack, or, discount anothers beliefs, or, lack of, only causes disention, and, personal bickering when we need to remain united against our main foes.

In my opinion, there is no need to argue religious points, because argument only fractionalizes. If you belive in a Higher Power, that Power does not need our personal help to accomplish His will, or, conversion of souls.....otherwise, He would not be a Supreme Being, would He?

-- Posted by Michael J. Ballou on Sat, Aug 18, 2007, at 1:29 PM

Defocused from the real issues.

could cause a separation within this developing group that is in unity---

These look like the writings of a madman!!

Someone should report you to the proper authorities. But then again if you are correct they are probably taking notes on your entries everyday, and after they see your spelling and punctuation they probably don't see you as much of a threat to anyone but yourself. (Defocused) is that a real word??

-- Posted by minute-man on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 10:56 PM

get with it Michael J. Ballou you cant be the leader of a cult ifn yaa cannt spel

-- Posted by minute-man on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 10:59 PM

Again nothing of substance. Just name calling and remarks about someone else. DarthJackson and My-nuteman are one in the same and can't produce a shred of evidence on any subject. Think I will take Oldvet's advice and not even respond to their rants of others. I ask each of them to give some proof to the nonsense they sprew and they start talking about something else. Sorry but you don't even deserve a response to anything you say anymore. Go on with your name calling, but you no long exist.

-- Posted by cannedheat on Mon, Aug 20, 2007, at 11:08 PM

Cannedmeat you need to grow the heck up. I didn't even say anything to you today.

-- Posted by DARTHJASON on Tue, Aug 21, 2007, at 8:35 AM


Take a look at the demographics of the 8th MO District.

When you compare the median income levels, Fluffy makes a lot more money than the average person that she represents. I guess that's why she will only return a phone call to either a business or person who is a campaign contributor. Go ahead and call her with an issue, chances are she's at a luncheon or putting on one of her $15 a plate "picnics". Maybe that's how they throw a picnic in Maryland, but here in Missouri, bringing a dish will generally suffice.

-- Posted by The Central Scrutinizer on Tue, Aug 21, 2007, at 9:18 AM


-- Posted by The Central Scrutinizer on Tue, Aug 21, 2007, at 9:30 AM

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