Speak Out 8/20/07

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big bump

IT SURE would be nice if the city would fix the big bump on Lexington Avenue just up from Belleridge Pike. It is where the concrete and asphalt meet. It will almost throw you off your motorcycle.

Ethanol blues

FUNNY HOW the people are buying the claim that ethanol fuel is the savior for our oil crises. We even have a majority of politicians behind it, although this is not so unbelievable since the big lobbying firms put plenty of cash flow in the election campaign coffers for these loyal supporters. The farmers get subsidies, the producers of ethanol get subsidies and the politicians get campaign financing. Sorry, but citizens get the ethanol blues.

City hall parking

I AM tired of trying to get a parking spot in front of Jackson City Hall when I have business there because of city employees and their large trucks parked there. Today there were three large red city trucks parked in front of city hall. One truck was so large it was taking up two spaces. There is ample parking in the back of the building for employees. Make them park in the rear.

Less tax, more money

I JUST watched "The O'Reilly Factor" with Mayor Rudi Guiliani, who said his success as New York mayor was that he lowered taxes and made more money. I wish our mayor and our city council would do the same.

Don't lump together

I'M OFFENDED by the calls to Speak Out saying local Republicans are defending Nathan Cooper. I am a Republican, and I am appalled by Cooper's behavior. I'm not defending him. I think they ought to throw the book at him. Please don't lump all of us together. Not all Republicans are wanting to push this under the carpet. All Democrats aren't flaming liberals, and all Republicans aren't put-your-head-in-the-sand conservatives.

Will miss the column

I WAS sad to see the good-bye column from Mark Bliss. I've enjoyed reading his column for a number of years, and I'm sorry to see him leave the Southeast Missourian. I wish him all the best with this new job. I wish he could continue writing his column for the Missourian. I'd like to keep following how things are going with his family.

Parks proposals

REGARDING THE park tax proposal: The parks department should take the profit from the golf course for whatever is needed at the golf course. If the golf course can't make it, sell it to a private company. The city can take the profit from the pool for upkeep. If the city isn't making money from the golf course and pool, shut them down. Danny Essner said the public expects an aquatic center. He must be talking to a different public than I am. Most of the public I've talked to is against the aquatic center. It's a money-wasting idea. People from Fredericktown, Farmington, Eddyville, Ky., and Poplar Bluff are not going to drive to Cape Girardeau for the water park.

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