Have fun(but not too much)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear Southeast Missouri State University student,

Welcome to Cape Girardeau, or welcome back.

We've noticed the increase in traffic on Broadway this week as you and many other students have begun your annual migration back to the dorms and apartments on or near the campus.

It's a good sight. This town takes on a different feel when you're here. The town's shops are busier. The downtown nightlife gets livelier. Much of this town is built around you. The university is a cornerstone of this town's viability.

If you're new, we suggest you pay a visit to the Convention and Visitors Bureau. We encourage you to get to know our town and our heritage. And don't be a stranger. Let us get to know you too. We hope you find the new River Campus a great addition to your educational experience. That was a big project.

We want your time here to be a good learning experience, but in many more ways than just your GPA. So drive around. Explore and ask questions. Maybe you'll find Cape Girardeau a good place to live after you've studied here.

In the meantime, study hard and have fun. But not too much fun. And be sure to leave the place better than you found it.

See you around.


Southeast Missourian

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