Speak Out 8/18/07

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Work together

IT WAS ironic to read the article dealing with funds provided to place playground equipment and shelters in our city parks. It is great that our civic organizations have recognized the need and have saved the parks department substantial dollars. What's ironic is that city services, the parks department and police, do not work with each other. A large portion of the funds used to provide equipment and shelters comes from organization that raise money at Bingo World. As noted in a recent comment, the city fails to provide traffic control on Clark Avenue when bingo is over for the night. Two patrol officers on the street between 9:30 and 10 p.m. is all that is needed. Departments within the city need to work together for the betterment of all of Cape Girardeau.

No defense

LET'S GET something straight, and I am certain all true conservatives will agree with me: Nathan Cooper broke the law. He has admitted guilt and will be sentenced. Whatever the maximum sentence is for his crimes, he should get it. However, the courts always make allowances for first offenses and guilty pleas. I do not agree with that either, but that's how it works and we have little power to change that. Whenever it is clear that laws have been violated, true Republicans do not make excuses or whine about unfairness, nor do we claim it is only about sex or depends on your definition of "is." We expect the rule of law to be followed. Which means, the trucking companies involved should be next in line for investigation. So Democrats can stop hooting and hollering about how we're all going to come to his defense and make excuses, because that's not going to happen.

Cycle carelessness

TODAY A motorcyclist passed me on the right side then cut back in front of me, then cut in front of the car on my right with about 3 feet of space all the way around. This maneuver could not have been done with a car. Things like this tell everyone that a motorcycle only needs 3 feet of space. Motorcycle riders put themselves in harm's way when they exhibit this kind of behavior. Think about this next time you drive carelessly.

Just ain't so

LOOK CAREFULLY at Jesus' words in your Bible. Make note of any time he asks anyone to give him money, any time he asks anyone to build him a church, how many times he mentions abortion, how many times he mentions homosexuality. Special credit if you can find the word "rapture" anywhere in the Bible. Mark Twain said, "It ain't what we don't know that hurts us. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so."

Which laws?

COULD MORLEY Swingle, Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney, please provide everyone with a list of the laws we can break and not have to be concerned about being prosecuted for breaking those laws? Do we have to be an elected official and a convicted felon like Nathan Cooper in order to receive this kind of immunity from the law? Thanks in advance for prompt attention to this request.

Always surprised

I DON'T think it's at all odd that a politician's acquaintances would express shock when the politician is caught in some sort of scandal. It happens in other occupations as well when some person is found out to be a criminal. The next-door neighbor, for example, is on the news saying what a nice person they are and how shocked everyone is. This is no different. I think it's a sign that most people think the best of those around them and are surprised when they find out differently. I'd rather be that way than a cynic who thinks the worst of those I work with.

Race talk

I'M GLAD Don Imus may soon be back on the radio, even though I never listen to his show. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's behavior toward him is nothing short of racial discrimination, which they are so quick to attack in others. When Jackson and Sharpton get as worked up about the language of black rappers in reference to black women, which is worse and in some cases much more shocking than what Imus said, their outrage will be more credible. At least Imus apologized. Sharpton and Jackson have never apologized for their vicious and unfounded attacks on the Duke lacrosse players.

Park concerns

THANKS FOR the story about the city parks. Now I'm beginning to understand why some of the park board members believe they need more money. As a city, we shouldn't have to rely on donations only to keep our parks in good shape with good equipment. One complaint: The parks department needs to do a better job of inspecting current equipment. For example, the Capaha Park train referred to in this story as a loving memory by one Cape resident isn't what it used to be. It's dangerous. The city needs to inspect it. Someone could get hurt there. There are sharp metal ends in various areas, and the floor has holes in it with more sharp points.

Lenient judges

DO NOT blame the police for all the crime going on in the city. Look at the judges who let the people out of jail. A man sticks a gun in a person's face and gets arrested, and his bond is set at $5,000. That means the man must pay $500 to a bondsman to get out of jail. That sure must give the victim in the case reason to sleep easy. Judges must remember the same people who put them into office watch what they are doing while in office.

Don't be a butthead

I AM a smoker pleading with other smokers to not throw butts out of your cars or anywhere else. Instead, try keeping a bottle with some water to put your butts in. Screw the cap back on and throw the bottle in the trash at home or at your next stop. It is especially important to do this now during our dangerously dry conditions, but please continue this practice year-round. It's a small gesture with a big impact. The community will be glad, the fire department will be glad and you will be glad you did.

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